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The Coahoman 

xJte \^ocd\on\an 

^iaiAincf c^te zBar 


^Jndex 151 

€Xo4inc> 145 

Sport* 1 29 

(^lub<a> & 0refanization* 117 

€*mpu* iOh 55 

people 3 

(Qpenincf 1 

\~ke. (^o&Uomcm 





4 ^Kai*incf wJte j5ar 


Opening *=-fL 1 

xJte Q^oakoman 






Since its inception, it has been the quest ol Eoahoma Community College to 
provide students with tlte opportunity to pursue a higher educational level, 
(^oahoma has lighted the torch to direct the path lor students to \ollow to 
achieve academic excellence. 

throughout the years every component o\ the institution has provided a 
quality education lor its students by continuing to assess and improve 
programs and services. XJte institution recently completed a successful 
reaffirmation o\ accreditation process and developed a Quality 
Enhancement Plan. IREAD (inspiring i<eading -Exploration cMcross 
the JJelta) was born out o$ this plan. Jt is a care\ully designed plan o\ action 
to improve student learning while addressing reading deficiency. 
Eoahoma Community College has been in existence since 1949 and since 
that time, enrollment has sky-rocketed \rom 25 students to 3006 in 2012. J)r. 
^Jivian Presley has challenged the \aculty and <>ta{| to raise the bar through 
the use o\ innovative methods c{ delivering instruction and services to 
students. Opportunities are provided lor ongoing stall development training 
both on and o$ campus. 

*"lOit(t the dedication ol the < ^Jivian < 7/£ t^resley coadministration '^Building 
^flay 5, JVI I , the institution has raised the bar in streamlining access to 
services. Students no longer have to travel between buildings to register, pay 
bills, buy books, request transcripts, etc. \J\e j-inancial cMid ©^ice, 
'Registrar's &Hice, 'business O^ice and jjook Store are all housed in this 

One c^ the cornerstones ol our great democracy is the provision lor a quality 
education through public support. cMs a publicly supported institution, 

K^oahoma Community College continues to raise the bar in academic 

i<cd6incj xJte j3ar 


Vivian C YH. Presley 
^Administration ^Building 
dedication: ^ay 5,2011 

xJte (^oaltoman 

^Qaitincf xJte zBar 

Pec pi 

People Division g=V 3 

Betty Anderson 
Lambert, MS 

Caprice Anderson 
Clarksdale, MS 

La'Skya Anderson 
Clarksdale, MS 

Robert Ankston 
Robinsonville, MS 

Keith Armstrong 
Itta Bena, MS 

Shequilla Arrington 
Cleveland, MS 

Kelby Bates 
Oarksdale. MS 

Willie Bays 
Oarksdale, MS 

Ashaley Beasley 
Oarksdale, MS 

Sabrina Horn 
Winstonville, MS 


L 'Monte' Beasley 
Cleveland. MS 

Patrice Beasley 
Cleveland. MS 

Zararan Beasley 
Hollandale. MS 

Henrine Booker 
Clarksdale. MS 

Shoral Bounds 
Clarksdale. MS 

Robert Turner, Jr. 
Coahoma, MS 

Brittany Bernard 
Leland, MS 

Tyshon Bounds 
Clarksdale. MS 

Shereika Boyd 
Grenada. MS 

Whitney Brinston 
Lyon, MS 

Fluta Betts 
Coldwater, MS 

Linda Bradford 
Cleveland. MS 

Jarlisica Bickham 
Friars Point, MS 

Mercedes Bradley 
Cleveland, MS 

Lena Brooks 
Charleston, MS 

Belinda Brown 
Alligator, MS 


ychaundra Brown 

Peggy Brown 

Sharon Brown 

Vanessa Brown 

Virginia Brown 

Wytavia Brown 

Greenville, MS 

Shaw. MS 

Batesville, MS 

Mound Bayou, MS 

Benoit, MS 

Cleveland, MS 

Malcolm Campbell 
Clarksdale. MS 

Yulinda Campbell 
Greenville, MS 

Sarita Carlisle 
Tunica, MS 

Danicholus Watson 
Senatobia, MS 


Keith Christian 
Charleston. MS 

Marsheila Christian 
Rosedak MS 

Caitlin Clark 
Clarksdale. MS 

Dabney Clark 
Clarksdale, MS 

Georgia Clark 
Clarksdale, MS 

LaVonda Clay 
Clarksdale, MS 

Andrea Smith 
Clarksdale. MS 

Ellis Collins 
Clarksdale, MS 

LaTiana Collins 
Clarksdale, MS 


Tykerra Cox 
Tutwiler, MS 

December Davis 
Mound Bayou, MS 

Rhonda Crockett 
Clarksdale, MS 

Quannersha Crowder 
Darling, MS 

Quishanta Cummings 
Clarksdale, MS 

Danyelle Curtis 
Clarksdale, MS 

Jasmine Dampier 
Clarksdale, MS 

Derrick Davis 
Gunnison, MS 

Gwendolyn Davis 
Clarksdale. MS 

Yolanda Gamble and La'Skya Anderson 
Clarksdale, MS 


Jackie Davis 

Jacqueline Davis 

Man Davis 

Sheigra Davis 

Sid Davis 

Stephanie Davis 

Charleston. MS 

Charleston. MS 

Clarksdale. MS 

Tunica, MS 

Shelby, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Steven Davis 
Clarksdale. MS 

Tara Dear 
Clarksdale. MS 

Walter Dans 
Charleston. MS 

ZaQuandlyn Davis 
Shelbv. MS 

Longino Davis Jr 
Mound Bayou, MS 

Percy Dawkins 
Cleveland, MS 

LaTasha Dill 
Sumner, MS 

Andrea Dixon 
Clarksdale. MS 

Marquette Dockery 
Memphis, TN 

Latorsha Dorsey 
Robinsonville, MS 

Shakeira Steels 
Tutwiler, MS 

Anthony Dawson 
Clarksdale, MS 

Che' Dumas 
Cleveland, MS 

Anthony Evans 
Clarksdale, MS 


Fredericka Fane 
Tillatoba, MS 

Shawanda Farmer 
Tutwiler, MS 

Teresa Farmer 
Tutwiler, MS 

ShaQuita Fitzgerald 
Rosedale, MS 

Wendell Fitzgerald 
Cleveland, MS 

Demetria Flowers 
Charleston, MS 

JaTedrick Flowers 

Helen Fonzy 

Keeyosis Foster 

Richard Foster 

Shemiko Foster 

Lenardo Fowler 

Jonestown, MS 

Lyon. MS 

Jonestown, MS 

Cleveland, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Coahoma, MS 

Shandricka D Furdge 
Quitman. MS 

Jessica Gaither 
Farrell, MS 

Leah Gales 
Greenville, MS 

Belinda Brown and Brunley Brown 
Clarksdale, MS 

10^^ Sophomores 

Deogua Gates 
Claiksdale. MS 

Rotonia Gates 
Claiksdale. MS 

Therenisha Gathings 
Clarksdale. MS 

Angela George 
Clarksdale. MS 

La'Kira Getter 
Marks. MS 

DeShundae Gibbs 
Clarksdale, MS 

Shandricka Furdge 
Sledge. MS 

Derrick Grace 
Clarksdale. MS 

Doresha Graves 
Clarksdale, MS 

ChiQuita Green 
Jonestown, MS 


LaTanthony Green 
Clarksdale, MS 

Patricia Halbert 
Clarksdale. MS 

Sharon Greene 
Friars Point, MS 

Avery Gregory 
Lyon, MS 


Brandon Gregory 
Memphis, TN 

Carlo Griffin 
Lambert, MS 

Darice Hale 
Clarksdale, MS 

Jocelyn Hale 
Farrell. MS 

Alfred Hall 
Pass Christian. MS 

Arletha Hall 
Lambert, MS 

Carlton Harris 
Clarksdale, MS 

Delia Harris 
Mound Bayou, MS 

Elizabeth Harris 
Clarksdale, MS 

Demonta Waters 
Tutwiler, MS 

12JEz& Sophomores 

Sherikee Grim 
Shelby, MS 

Starina Hall 
Gunnison, MS 

Jasmine Harris 

Jasonya Harris 

LaQwanda Harris 

Tonya Harris 

Tyler Harris 

Vernitra Harris 

Coahoma. MS 

Jonestown, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Marks, MS 

William Harris 

Deirdra Harris 

Gail Harris 

Rashad Harris 

Shanelle Harris 

Arielle Harrison 

Clarksdale. MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Farrell, MS 

Memphis, TN 

Clarksdale, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Kenswa Ham 
Clarksdale. MS 

Dontrell Hawkins 
Clarksdale. MS 

Edward Hawkins 
Rosedale, MS 


LaTasha Hawkins 
Clarksdale, MS 

Sherrika Hawkins 
Clarksdale, MS 

Toyetta Hawthorn 
Collins, MS 

Riley Johnson 
Clarksdale, MS 

James Henderson 
Friars Point, MS 

Temarlon Henderson 
Clarksdale, MS 

Sophomores fcVl3 

LaKeitsha Hopkins 
Clarksdale, MS 

Yuvonda Hopkins 
Tunica, MS 

Rajhae Hopson 
Marks, MS 

Tyronica Lewis and SamDeeshia Taylor 
Tutwiler. MS 

14^^^ Sophomores 

Bertina Howard 
Lvon. MS 

Michael Howard Jr 
Clarksdale. MS 

Everett Howse 
Clarksdale. MS 

Artidra Hubbard 
Jonestown, MS 

Joshua Hubbard 
Shaw, MS 

Tiffany Hugherv 
Marks. MS 

Demetn Hughes 
Clarksdale. MS 

Josephine Hughes 
Clarksdale. MS 

Chanssa Humphrey 
Mound Bavou. MS 

Corey Hunt 
Charleston, MS 

Bulisha Jackson 
Tunica. MS 



H'n is// 4 if 

Kimberly Jackson 
Rosedale, MS 

Li^itK i 

Leteice Jackson 
Mound Bayou, MS 

Kimberly Hudson 
Clarksdale, MS 

David Hurley 
Chicago, IL 

Danyal Jackson 
Boyle, MS 

[Catherine Jackson 
Lambert, MS 

Michael Jackson 
Clarksdale, MS 



Darian Jamison 
Coldwater, MS 

Gloria Jefferson 
Jonestown, MS 

Rhonda Jefferson 
Clarksdale, MS 

Shirley Jefferson 
Jonestown, MS 

Andreamer Johnson 
Clarksdale, MS 

Antonio Johnson 
Clarksdale, MS 

Tirmardria Johnson 
Clarksdale, MS 

Tonya Johnson 
Marks, MS 

Tracy Johnson 
Greenville, MS 

LeRyan Harris 
Clarksdale, MS 


Tvkeemia Johnson 

Anthony Joiner 

Antonique Jones 

Brittney Jones 

Cedric Jones 

Cordero Jones 

Clarksdale. MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Clarksdale. MS 

Tunica. MS 

Mound Bayou. MS 

Boyle, MS 

Diane Jones 

Donna Jones 

LaPorcher Jones 

LaSandra Jones 

Latamella Jones 

Lavem Jones 

Clarksdale. MS 

Clarksdale. MS 

Tut»iler. MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Pace, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Londril Jones 

Natasha Jones 

Phyllis Jones 

Ruthie Jones 

Shamous Jones 

Tonya Jones 

Lambert. MS 

Charleston. MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Friars Point, MS 

Sardis, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Yvette Gray 
Clarksdale, MS 

Keith Kimmons 
Marks, MS 

Keyshanda King 
Crowder, MS 

Barbara Kirk 
Courtland, MS 

Sophomores €3L17 

James Booth 
Rosedale, MS 

18jfc? Sophomores 

Xa\ier Marshall 
Cleveland. MS 

Lawardrick Marsher 
•Cleveland. MS 

Earnest Martin 
Clarksdale. MS 

Kenny Martin 
Clarksdale, MS 

Kiara Martin 
Clarksdale, MS 

Mikeyla Martin 
Friars Point, MS 

Eric Lewis 
Jonestown. MS 

Mario McCray 
Clarksdale, MS 

Ashley McDaniel 
Shelby, MS 

Deressa McDaniel 
Clarksdale, MS 



Kimberly McDonald 
Lambert, MS 

Shabla McKinney 
Tunica, MS 

Magnolia McDowell 
Clarksdale, MS 

Dayana McGee 
Starkville, MS 

Latonya McGee 
Clarksdale, MS 

Ayanna Mclver 
Clarksdale, MS 

Latonya Mitchell 
Shaw. MS 

Amber McNeal 
Clarksdale, MS 

Anna McNeal 
Clarksdale, MS 

Tredarreun McNeal 
Farrell, MS 

Paul Medders 
Rosedale, MS 

LeTeshia McKinney 
Batesville, MS 

Larry Medley 
Clarksdale, MS 

Jemetria Meeks 

Jacob Meeks 

Amy Mennis 

Amanda Miller 

Angel Miller 

Charles Miller 

Clarksdale, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Lyon, MS 

Chicago, IL 

Clarksdale, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Shamal Mitchell 
Cleveland, MS 

Courtney Moore 
Shelby, MS 

Sherry Carodine 
Tunica, MS 

20^^ Sophomores 

Evcnne Moore 

Katrina Moore 

L T Moore 

LeMarcus Moore 

Sarah Moore 

Sharon Moore 

Claiksdale. MS 

Shelby. MS 

Jonestown, MS 

Tutwiler, MS 

Shelby, MS 

Shelby, MS 

Chelsey Smith 
Clarksdale. MS 

Erica Nolan 
Clarksdale, MS 

Gladys Nolan 
Clarksdale, MS 

Dalicia Norman 
Cleveland, MS 


ewanda O'Bryant 

Ikema Olive 

Maggie Outlaw 

Amanda Palmer 

Chassidi Parker 

Pamala Parker 

Clarksdale, MS 

Charleston, MS 

Webb, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Shelby, MS 

Grenada, MS 

Scotty Parker 

Tamara Patt 

Chandrika Pearson 

Tara Pendleton 

Lashia Phillips 

Shanice Phillips 

Clarksdale, MS 

Drew, MS 

Tunica, MS 

Tunica, MS 

Benoit, MS 

Shaw, MS 

Deshundra Price 
Tippo, MS 

Cassandra Pruitt 
Mound Bayou, MS 

Marie Pruitt 
Mound Bayou, MS 

Reginald Walker, Sr. 
Webb, MS 



A D Prvmer 

Cavotta Pryor 

Frankie Pugh 

Jane Pugh 

Mallory Pugh 

Cathy Quinn 

Quitman. MS 

Lambert. MS 

Glendora. MS 

Sumner. MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

April Ragland 

Davelynn Ragland 

Racine Ramiz 

Nelghotti Ramsey 

Dominique Randle 

Wanda Ranson 

Lambert. MS 

Clarksdale. MS 

Pace. MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Cleveland. MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Lakeitsha Hopkins 
Clarksdale. MS 

Martha Richardson 
Clarksdale, MS 

Tomminika Richardson 
Tunica, MS 

Tyronda Roberts 
Darling, MS 



Mario McCray 
Clarksdale, MS 

Wilkins Shuquanna 
Clarksdale. MS 

Tyangela Siggers 
Tunica. MS 

Feryn Silket 
Goldsboro, NC 

Ashley Simmons 
Shelby. MS 

Helen Simmons 
Shelby, MS 

Lauren Simmons 
Charleston, MS 

Whitney Whithead 
Sidon, MS 

James Smith 
Clarksdale, MS 

John Smith 
Lambert, MS 

Kenaua Smith 
Atlanta, GA 



Grady Stevens 
Clarksdale, MS 

Jakoris Stewart 
Beulah, MS 

Natasha Stewart 
Jonestown, MS 

Micheal Stokes 
Farrell, MS 

Sha'Coya Stokes 
Clarksdale, MS 

Willie Stokes 
Clarksdale, MS 

Crystal Sturdivant 
Marks, MS 

Melissa Suggs 
Oakland, MS 

Kenthandieanecesa Sutton 
Tutwiler, MS 

Tonya Harris 
Clarksdale, MS 

26j^=^ Sophomores 

Christopher Tanner 

DeShundra Tate 

Carolvn Taylor 

Kelvin Taylor 

Maggie Taylor 

Marissa Taylor 

Cleveland. MS 

Cleveland. MS 

Mound Bayou, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Rosedale, MS 

Albert Thomas 
Lvon MS 

Barbara Thomas 
Beulah. MS 

Delbra Thomas 
Clarksdale. MS 

Donald Thomas 
Coahoma. MS 

Erica Thomas 
Clarksdale, MS 

Felecia Thomas 
Charleston, MS 

Carmen O'Neal 
Clarksdale. MS 

Mary Thomas 
Clarksdale, MS 

Mildred Thomas 
Clarksdale, MS 

Perrynlhea Thomas 
Clarksdale, MS 



Brandon Tucker 
Cleveland, MS 

Travis Tumien 
Clarksdale, MS 

Ebony Turner 
Cleveland, MS 

Lucreshia Turner 
Friars Point, MS 

Robert Turner 
Coahoma, MS 

Glenda Tutson 
Clarksdale, MS 

Chris Walk 
Clarksdale, MS 

Passion Walker 
Shelby, MS 

Temecca Walker 
Boyle, MS 

Kayarittis Love 
San Diego, CA 



Wvlida Walker 

Zantrell Walker 

Darius Wallace 

Davon Walls 

Kwami Walls 

Sabrina Walters 

Cleveland. MS 

St. Louis. MO 

Clarksdale. MS 

Brooklyn. New York 

Clarksdale, MS 

Lambert, MS 

Shelia Ward 
Baiesville. MS 

Patricia Washington 
Tunica. MS 

Tashiko Ward 
Cleveland. MS 

Ken>atta Ware 
Clarksdale. MS 

Angelique Washington 
Clarksdale, MS 

Candace Washington 
Clarksdale, MS 

Takisha Washington 
Clarksdale. MS 

Samantha Watkins 
Friars Point, MS 

Tasha Watkins 
Shaw, MS 

Carol Watson 
Como, MS 

Kateria Evans 
Clarksdale, MS 

Ray Wells 
Cleveland, MS 

Raman Wesley 
Cleveland, MS 

Jasmine Washington 
Clarksdale, MS 

Ashley Weatherspoon 
Clarksdale, MS 

Jo Ann Westbrooks 
Webb, MS 



Alexandria Wilkins 
Clarksdale, MS 

Amy Williams 
Cleveland, MS 

Catrina Wilkins 
Clarksdale, MS 

Jessica Wilkins 
Clarksdale, MS 

Cameron Wilks 
Batesville, MS 

Adam Williams 
Tunica, MS 

Brandy Williams 
Charleston, MS 

Ciera Williams 
Farrell. MS 

Dextrick Williams 
Cleveland, MS 

Jasmine Williams 
Shelby, MS 

Valerie Williams 
Lambert, MS 

Vorris Williams 
Rosedale, MS 

Whitley Williams 
Clarksdale, MS 

Rickey Murry 
Clarksdale, MS 

Alexandra Williams 
Clarksdale, MS 

KaJuana Williams 
Marks, MS 

30 M=f Sophomores 

endolvn Willis 

Dorothy Wilson 

George Wilson 

Jessica Wilson 

LaShena Wilson 

LaSonya Wilson 

Webb, MS 

Cleveland, MS 

Charleston. MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Gunnison, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Rubv Wilson 

Tanisha Wilson 

Demonta Winters 

William Winters 

Chiquita Womble 

Debra Wrenn 

Gunnison. MS 

Charleston. MS 

Tutwiler, MS 

Shelby, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Tillatoba, MS 

Chrvstal Wright 

Jermisha Wright 

Michelle Wright 

Ryan Wright 

Tiffany Wright 

Vernice Wright 

Clarksdale. MS 

Marks. MS 

Chicago, 1L 

Cleveland, MS 

Batesville, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 


ST' 1 '' 


* 4 


• F j 

r m * i - • 


Demon Young 
Clarksdale, MS 

Dianna Young 
Robinsonville, MS 

Justin Young 
Mound Bayou, MS 

Kenneth Hines 
Clarksdale, MS 



Jenitkia Bernard 

Joseph Betts 

Shannon Biddle 

Paudero Biggins 

Calvin Biggs 

Elzie Bilbro 

Ashley Blackwell 

Randy Bland 

Charleston, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Ruleville, MS 

Charleston, MS 

Shaw, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Alligator, MS 

Cleveland, MS 

:aundra Blanton 

Michael Blue 

Shykiere Blue 

Deaja Blunt 

Cierra Bolton 

Lamar Booker 

LaTasha Booker 

Anitra Boone 

Tutwiler, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Charleston, MS 

Webb, MS 

Clarksdale. MS 

Clarksdale. MS 

Lambert, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 


Jameieia Box 
Friars Point. MS 

Tiffany Box 
Clarksdale. MS 

Angela Bo\ d 
Memphis. TN 

Robert Boyd 
Jonestown. MS 

LaShonda Bradley 
Clarksdale. MS 

Kathleen Braugher 
Clarksdale, MS 

Sue Braxton 
Clarksdale, MS 

Trinette Braxton 
Coahoma, MS 

veil Broom 

Alisha Brown 

Anna Brown 

Brunley Orange 

Carolvn Brown 

Dansherryl Brown 

Errica Brown 

George Brown 

_yen. MS 

Clarksdale. MS 

Tunica. MS 

Clarksdale. MS 

Jonestown, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Clarksdale. MS 

Mound Bayou, MS 

Jamarcus Brown 
Mound Ba\ou. MS 

Jereka Brown 
Clarksdale. MS 

Jeremiah Brown 
Clarksdale. MS 

Jerrica Brown 
Clarksdale. MS 

Kambouria Brown 
Shaw, MS 

Michelle Brown 
Clarksdale, MS 

Shandria Brown 
Jonestown, MS 

Shannon Brown 
Clarksdale, MS 

Sharaya Brown 
Mound Bayou. MS 

Sharmekna Brown 
Quitman. MS 

Shenika Brown 
Clarksdale. MS 

Terry Brown 
Cleveland. MS 

Trennell Brown 
Clarksdale. MS 

Vaniti Brown 
Clarksdale. MS 

Veronica Brown 
Clarksdale, MS 

Victor Brown 
Ruleville, MS 

Harriett Burks 
Cleveland. MS 

LaCandnce Burks 
Cleveland. MS 

Cordrick Burns 
Mound Bayou, MS 



Erica Collins 
Clarksdale, MS 

James Collins 
Clarksdale, MS 

Jemyle Collins 
Mound Bayou, MS 

LaTasha Collins 
Charleston, MS 

Morrissa Collins 
Mound Bayou, MS 

Nesserie Collins 
Shelby, MS 

Shantanza Collins 
Clarksdale, MS 

Lakendric Conley 
Lambert, MS 


Shalonda Cooper Mark Copeland Delandra Counslor 

Clarksdale. MS Clarksdale. MS . Clarksdale, MS 

Daireion Crockett 
Mound Bayou. MS 

Cordrian Cum 
Shaw. MS 

Demarcus Curtis Demetria Curtis 

Clarksdale. MS 

Clarksdale. MS 

Oarksdale. MS 

Andrea Davis 
Clarksdale. MS 


Sena Davis 
Clarksdale. MS 

Shawanda Davis Stephanie Davis 

Tunica. MS 

Greenville, MS 

Laquna Dennis Rigueson Desorvil Helen Dickerson 

Clarksdale. MS Lake Worth, FL Clarksdale. MS 

Marcus Docken 
Tunica. MS 

Core) Dorrough 
Fnars Point. MS 

Garrick Downer 
Mound Bavou, MS 

Karkela Dunn 
Horn Lake, MS 

Christopher Crump 
Renova, MS 

Troy Durham 
Lyon, MS 



Dexture Franklin 
Beulah. MS 

J.B. Frieson 
Charleston, MS 

Teknesha Friston 
Clarksdale. MS 

Shalounda Fryer 
Clarksdale, MS 

Watasha Gallion 
Shelby, MS 

Devonta Gardner 
Coahoma, MS 

Jamie Gardner 
Webb, MS 


Quintarius Gardner 
aarksdale, MS 

Latisha Glasper 
Clarksdale, MS 

Dominique Graham 
Clarksdale, MS 

Kantrelle Grainger 
Clarksdale, MS 

Yvette Gray 
Clarksdale, MS 



Darenda Green 

Quinlon Green 

Darius Greenwood 

Cosslen Griffin 

Willie Griffin III 

Jonathan Haggan 

Tylyn Haggan 

Chauncy Halbert 

Rosedale. MS 

Webb, MS 

Chicago, IL 

Farrell, MS 

Shelby, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 



Margo Hamilton 

Webb. MS 

Tunica. MS 

Tunica. MS 

Jerlissa Hammond 
Clarksdale. MS 

Ryan Hammond 
Webb, MS 

Mishog Hampton 
Webb. MS 

Markecia Hampton 
Coahoma, MS 

Belinda Hankins 
Rosedale, MS 

Jamaul Hams 

Kennv Harris 

LeRvan Harris 

Debra Harris 

Shana Harris 

Tendra Hayes 

Valarie Hayes 

Vincent Hayes 

Clarksdale. MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Clarksdale. MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Tunica, MS 

Lambert, MS 

Cleveland, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Jazman Haynes 
Jonestown MS 

Ashley Haywood 
Clarksdale. MS 

Stanley Haywood 
Mound Bayou, MS 

Alisha Henderson 
Shaw. MS 

Bryant Henderson 
Friars Point, MS 

Crystal Henderson 
Clarksdale, MS 

Erica Henderson 
Charleston, MS 

Gary Henderson 
Clarksdale, MS 

Jordan Highera 
Ocean Springs, MS 

Rena Hill 
Clarksdale. MS 

Malcolm Hilson 
Tutwiler. MS 

Herman Hodges 
Tutwiler, MS 


Kimberly Hutton 
Cleveland. MS 

Sharita Hynes 
Greenville, MS 

Quinterra Ikon 
Sledge, MS 

Gartha Ingram 
Clarksdale, MS 

Jerisa Isaac 
Clarksdale, MS 

Chandrea Jackson 
Lambert, MS 

Christopher Jackson 
Chicago, IL 

Crystal Jackson 
Friars Point, MS 

Eddie Jackson 
Clarksdale, MS 

Gennisea Jackson 
Clarksdale, MS 

Gloria Jackson 
Cleveland, MS 

GreKumbia Jackson 
Leland, MS 

Jamial Jackson 
Mound Bayou, MS 

Janee' Jackson 
Greenville, MS 

Keila Jackson 
Clarksdale, MS 

Kimberly Jackson 
Clarksdale, MS 

Antonio Jefferson 
Shelby, MS 

Cassie Jenkins 
Alligator, MS 

Darryl Jenkins 

Elterica Jenkins 

Alicia Johnson 

Andrew Johnson 

Angenette Johnson 

Brittany Johnson 

Clarksdale, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Lyon, MS 

Gunnison, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 



Damarius Johnson 
Clarksdale. MS 

David Johnson 
Lambert. MS 

Desedric Johnson 
Lvon. MS 

Deshundra Johnson 
Cleveland. MS 

Evelyn Johnson 
Clarksdale, MS 

Glen Johnson 
Jonestown, MS 

Ida Johnson 
Clarksdale, MS 

J'Darrius Johnson 
Clarksdale, MS 

James Johnson 
Clarksdale. MS 

Jessica Johnson 
Clarksdale. MS 

Latrita Johnson 
Shaw, MS 

Rodrell Johnson 
Webb. MS 






Rosalyn Johnson 
Marks. MS 

Samerio Johnson 
Clarksdale. MS 

Shy\ una Johnson 
Clarksdale. MS 

Terrell Johnson 
Clarksdale. MS 

Terry Johnson 
Clarksdale, MS 

Travis Johnson 
Alligator, MS 

T\eshia Jones 
Marks. MS 

Vaneaua Jones 
Clarksdale. MS 

Wykeshia Jones 
Clarksdale, MS 

Chloe Jordon 
Clarksdale, MS 

Mekell Kennedy 
Jonestown, MS 

Benjamin Kibler 
Carthage, MS 

Lashenna Killebrew 
Bateville, MS 



Joyce Matthews 
Clarksdale, MS 

Lontreal Matthews 
Clarksdale, MS 

Patrick Mays 
Coidwater, MS 



Laqwta M,Br. dc 
Clarksdale. MS 

Gwendolyn McCray 
Clarksdale, MS 

Doddsville. MS 


Jasper McCray 

Shantana McCra\ 

Ukilah McCrav 

Neiko McCullough 

Willis McDonald 

Yazekia McGee 

Jackie McGloson 

Jessica McGloson 

Clarksdale. MS 

Clarksdale. MS 

Lambert. MS 

Chicago. IL 

Clarksdale, MS 

Glendora, MS 

Lambert, MS 

Lambert, MS 

Chartina Miller 

Jamanus Miller 

Joshalvn Miller 

Kanika Miller 

Lakedra Miller 

Rosie Miller 

Samuel Miller Jr 

Angela Mitchell 

Clarksdale. MS 

Shelby. MS 

Clarksdale. MS 

Shaw. MS 

Tutwiler, MS 

Shaw, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 


Fredrick Nabors 
Lyon, MS 

Patrice Nailove 
Clarksdale, MS 



Toccaro Nicholson 

Marykimisa Nolan 

Mary Norwood 

Latarius O'Neal 

Darris Ollie 

Taboria Orange 

Tammy Oriola 

Jarvious Owens 

Clarksdale, MS 

Friars Point, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Shelby, MS 

Cruser, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Charleston, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Khari Owins 

Thalmus Pace 

Carl Pam Jr 

Gary Pamplia 

Nolan Parker 

April Patterson 

Natasha Patterson 

Dexter Payne 

Clarksdale. MS 

Clarksdale. MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Charleston, MS 

Batesville, MS 

Charleston, MS 

Charleston, MS 

Bobo, MS 

Kimberly Phillips 
Sunflower, MS 

Yulande Phillips 
Clarksdale, MS 

Debra Pickens 
Clarksdale. MS 

Jasmine Pittman 
Clarksdale. MS 

LaTonya Pittman 
Clarksdale, MS 

Priscilla Pittman 
Clarksdale, MS 

Vickie Pittman 
Clarksdale, MS 

Andrelica Pointer 
Clarksdale, MS 

imeyatter Pointer 

Brittney Pollard 

Jonathan Pollard 

Patrice Pollard 

ShaShuna Powell 

Marquita President 

Xavier Price 

Erica Pride 

Sumner, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Friars Point, MS 

Friars Point, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Greenville, MS 

Charkita Primer 
Drew, MS 

Dantavius Profit 
Clarksdale, MS 

Charlotte Pryor 
Clarksdale, MS 

Elizabeth Quinn 
Clarksdale, MS 



Braxton Reed 
Shaw. MS 

Denzell Reed 
Clarksdale. MS 


Wayne Rile> 
Jackson. MS 

Augusta Rosefour 

Christopher Ro> 

Fritzerald Roy 

Vanquisha Roy 

Kamaria Royster 

Brittany Rucker 

Evangela Ruebuck 

Briana Rushing 

Clarksdale. MS 

Pace. MS 

Cleveland, MS 

Cleveland, MS 

Shelby, MS 

Marks, MS 

Tutwiler, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

>arius Russell 

Leonard Saflbld 

TvRhonda SafTold 

Damien Samuel 

Britnev Sanders 

Eugene Sanders 

Tabitha Sanford 

Annyce Sawyer 

Chicago. IL 

Clarksdale, MS 

Clarksdale. MS 

Hollandale, MS 

Greenville. MS 

Shaw, MS 

Bateville, MS 

Friars Point, MS 

Shunta Sa\les 
Tunica. MS 

Alyssa Scott 
Cleveland. MS 

Chaslin Scott 
Greenville, MS 

Edwin Scott 
Rosedale. MS 

Isiah Scott 
Atlanta, GA 

Kierre Scott 
Rosedale, MS 

Ebony Seals 
Cleveland, MS 



Audric Simmons 
Shaw, MS 

Kashiwa Simmons 
Shelby, MS 

Patrick Simon 
Clarksdale, MS 

Jerrica Sims 
Clarksdale, MS 

Brittney Singleton 
Shelby, MS 

Bobbie Smith 
Cleveland, MS 

Courtney Smith 
Clarksdale, MS 

Curtin Smith 
Clarksdale. MS 

Devunte Strickland 
Memphis, TN 

Roger Strickland 
Crowder, MS 

Timothy Strickland 
Lambert, MS 

■ —,"' ..„• •'„. . 

Veronica Strong 

Shelby, MS 

Angela Suggs 
Jonestown, MS 


A Desunig,ue Tellis 

Jeremv Tellis 

Donnie Tenner 

Sandra Tenner 

Tambrishen Terrell 

Tichina Terrell 

Laneshia Terry 

Sheena Thigpen 

Marks MS 

Charleston. MS 

Charleston. MS 

Friars Point, MS 

Ruleville, MS 

Cleveland, MS 

Charleston, MS 

Cleveland, MS 

Genesis Thomas 
Clarksdale. MS 

Jasmine Thomas 
Friars Point, MS 

LaTrell Thomas 
Memphis, TN 

Lisa Thomas 
Clarksdale, MS 


Lula Thomas 
Clarksdale, MS 

lymond Thomas 

Shelia Thomas 

Valencia Thomas 

Alex Thompson 

Brand] Thompson 

Darren Thompson 

Darryl Thompson 

Demetrice Thompson 

Lambert, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Jonestown, MS 

Jackson, MS 

Batesville, MS 

Greenwood, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Cleveland, MS 

avius Thompson 

Olivia Thompson 

Dawn Thurmon 

Devon Todd 

Gekyra Toney 

Brittnie Townes 

Alisia Townsend 


Shelby. MS 

Marks, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Memphis, TN 

Clarksdale, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Shelby, MS 



Beatrice Trillett 
Clarksdale, MS 

Vonchelle Tripplett 
Clarksdale, MS 

Shoneci Trotter 
Clarksdale, MS 

Javaris Tucker 
Winstonville, MS 

Johnathan Tugle 
Clarksdale, MS 

Cordell Turner 
Cleveland, MS 

Kimberly Turner 
Clarksdale, MS 

Quarletta Turner 
Horn Lake, MS 

Cordarius Walker 
Rosedale, MS 

Gordarious Walker 
Boyle, MS 

Juwan Walker 
Shaw, MS 

K' April Walker 
Cleveland, MS 

Lucinda Walker 
Clarksdale, MS 

Shakeria Walker 
Cleveland, MS 

Shiniqua Walker 
Friars Point, MS 

Shirquita Walker 
Webb, MS 

Larry White 
Clarksdale, MS 

Markeshia White 
Shaw, MS 

Travis White 
Clarksdale, MS 

Cameron Wide 
Clarksdale, MS 

Roderick Wilborn 
Lambert, MS 

Tikeitheia Wilder 
Clarksdale, MS 



Ashlev W'ilev 

Amber Wilkins 

Benekia Wilkins 

Lashandra Wilkins 

Adell Williams 

Amanda Williams 

Ashley Williams 

Ashley Williams 

Clarksdale. MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Jonestown. MS 

Claiksdale. MS 

Clarksdale. MS 

Calumet City, IL 

Shaw, MS 

Cleveland, MS 

Celwin Williams 
Clarksdale. MS 

Demetria Williams 
Clarksdale. MS 

Demetrius Williams 
Tutwiler. MS 

Desondra Williams 
Charleston. MS 

Direjohn Williams 
Drew, MS 

Ebonie Williams 
Shaw, MS 

Freddie Williams 
Jonestown, MS 

Katrina Williams 
Beulah, MS 


Danien Williams 

Laura Williams 

Ronique Williams 

Scott Williams 

Shamon Williams 

Shelia Williams 

Sheree Williams 

Tameka Williams 

Greenville. MS 

Clarksdale. MS 

Greenville, MS 

Memphis, TN 

Jonestown. MS 

Cleveland, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Jonestown, MS 

Terrica Williams 

Tomeka Williams 

W\nesha Williams 

Yasmine Williams 

Octavius Willis 

Yiesha Willis 

Uniqua Wills 

D'Varyeaux Wi 

Clarksdale. MS 

Clarksdale. MS 

Clarksdale. MS 

Clarksdale. MS 

Clarksdale. MS 

Webb, MS 

Glendora, MS 

Lyon, MS 

Desere Wilson 

Lashun Wilson 

Moniquka Wilson 

Waythian Wilson 

Jonathan Wise 

Labronski Wise 

Cynthia Wolfe 

Darrion Wolfe 

Lyon. MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Lyon. MS 

Shelby. MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Cleveland, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 


Willie Wolfe 

Latasha A. Wolfe 

Tammie Wolfe 

Latisha Woods 

Teresa Woods 

Tyrone Woods 

Chameshia Word 

JaVohnta Word 

Clarksdale. MS 

Tutwiler, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Friars Point, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 

Friars Point, MS 

Friars Point, MS 

Clarksdale, MS 


Bndgert W 'right 
Clarksdale. MS 

Eddie Wyatt 
Kansas City. MO 

Jennine Wyatt 
Clarksdale, MS 

Demarcus Yarbrough 
Clarksdale, MS 

Samantha Yates 
Clarksdale, MS 



Jeremy Taylor 
Dallas, TX 

NaTasha Patterson 
Charleston, MS 

Skyeesha Piage from Tunica, MS is on her way to class. 

Listening to Spanish assignment through Rosetta Stone is 
Neiko McCullough from Chicago, IL. 



faculty and ^ta^ 

K> rie Antici 
Clarksdale. MS 

Sammie Armstrong 
Marks. MS 

Nicholas Artis 
Jonestown, MS 

Jacqueline Ball 
Clarksdale, MS 

Rachel Ballentine 
Sardis, MS 

Lessie Barnes 
Clarksdale. MS 

Larry Barrett 
Clarksdale, MS 

Kaye Bennett 
Lyon, MS 

Bernard Berryhill 
Webb, MS 

Anthony Brooks 
Memphis, TN 

Carol Brooks 
Clarksdale. MS 

George Brown 
Clarksdale, MS 

Jacqueline Brownlow 
Greenwood, MS 

Tolernisa Butler 
Shelby, MS 

Olivia Campbell 
Clarksdale, MS 

Mary Caradine 
Clarksdale, MS 

Deborah Carter 
Clarksdale, MS 

Gladys Clark 
Clarksdale, MS 

Danna Clemmons 
Indianola, MS 

Chaka Collins 
Webb, MS 

Faculty & Staff 


faculty and £5t&\\ 

Trina Cox 
Farrell, MS 

Lori Criswell 
Charleston, MS 

Bobbie DeShazer 
Clarksdale, MS 

Chequitia Dixon 
Clarksdale, MS 

Ashley Done 
Jonestown, MS 

Henry Dorsey 
Clarksdale, MS 

Dr Shirley Edwards 
Lyon, MS 

Kathy Edwards 
Friars Point, MS 

Fatina Elliott 
Marks, MS 

Lynda Elliott 
Clarksdale, MS 

Lula Ferguson 
Clarksdale, MS 

Kelvin Fields 
West Point, MS 

Darlester Foster 
Ruleville, MS 

Shanelle Frazier 
Clarksdale, MS 

Patricia Furdge 
Lula, MS 


Joe Giles 
Clarksdale, MS 

Faculty & Staff 

Gloria Gipson 
Lyon, MS 

Birley Gipson Sr 
Clarksdale, MS 

Athsicia Gooden 
Clarksdale, MS 

Emily Gordon 
Crenshaw, MS 

faculty and ^ttaH 

Ann Hale 
Clarksdale. MS 

Alma Harris 
Greenville. MS 

Wendy Harris 
Clarksdale, MS 

Larry Harris II 
Clarksdale, MS 

Lonnie Harrison 
Clarksdale, MS 

Oscar Haynes 
Jonestown. Ms 

Mary Haywood 
Mound Bayou, MS 

Timothy Hearst 
Clarksdale, MS 


Kimberly Hollins 
Clarksdale, MS 

Teresea Hooker 
Clarksdale, MS 

JoAnn Hoskins 
Tutwiler. MS 

Ezra Howard 
Clarksdale. MS 

Luke Howard 
Tunica, MS 

Saundra Hutchens 
Clarksdale, MS 

Etavious Johnson 
Clarksdale, MS 

Lisa Johnson 
Clarksdale, MS 

Julia Johnson Polite 
Clarksdale, MS 

Benjamin Jones 
Clarksdale, MS 

David Jones 
Tutwiler, MS 

Fitzgerald Jones 
Friars Point, MS 

Faculty & Staff 


faculty and &t&\\ 

Stella Keaton 
Lambert, MS 

Barbara Lucas 
Cleveland, MS 

Kalilah Kemp 
Clarksdale, MS 

Delores Lackey 
Clarksdale, MS 

Graham Darby 

Clarksdale, MS 

Velma Lynom 
Lyon, MS 

Annie McCool 
Jonestown, MS 

Jimmie McKnight 
Mound Bayou, MS 

Rose Lockett 
Lyon, MS 

Rosie Miller 
Webb, MS 

Yolanda D. Miller 
Clarksdale, MS 

Samuel Miller Sr 
Clarksdale, MS 

Neal Mitchell 
Clarksdale, MS 

Yolanda Morton 
Shelby, MS 

Dorothy Moses 
Clarksdale, MS 


Dr. Adria Neely 
Jackson, MS 

Faculty & Staff 

Tony Newson 
Clarksdale, MS 

Johnny Noah 
Clarksdale, MS 

Orlando Paden 
Clarksdale, MS 

Jeremy Pittman 
Grenada, MS 

faculty and £>taH 

Eugene Polite Jr 
Clarksdale. MS 

Leandrew Presley 
Darling. MS 

Shirley Presley 
Charleston, MS 

Lillie Price 
Ruleville, MS 

Joyce Pryor 
Clarksdale, MS 

Andy Pullen 
Horn Lake. MS 

Tamicko Ransome 
Greenville, MS 

Gelkanah Reed 
Shaw, MS 

Wanda Reed 
Clarksdale, MS 

Selina Reid 
Rienzi, MS 

Angela Reynolds Joharrison Rockett 

Shelby. MS Sallis, MS 

Robert Rockett 
Coahoma, MS 

Sheila Sanders 
Webb, MS 

Renee' Sanford 
Batesville, MS 

Brendalyn Sculark 
Clarksdale, MS 

Marilyn Shelton 
Marks, MS 

Robert Skipper 
Clarksdale, MS 

Eddie Smith 
Clarksdale, MS 

Jacquelyn Smith 
Ruleville, MS 

Faculty & Staff 

faculty and <StaH 

Leroy Sonley 
Clarksdale, MS 

Sarah Trimm 
Cleveland, MS 

Pattrice Weathersby 
Shelby, MS 

Cassandra Wilson 
Clarksdale, MS 

Henry Striplin 
Clarksdale, MS 

Theresa Taylor 
Lyon, MS 

Allean Thomas 
Farrell, MS 

Kelvin Towers 
Mound Bayou, MS 

Gwen Vaughn 
Rosedale, MS 

Johnnie Vick 
Greenwood, MS 

Jimmie Washington 
Cleveland, MS 


Rosalind Wilcox 
Chicago, IL 

Cynthia Williams 
Marks, MS 

Shirley Williams 
Lyon, MS 

Taneshia Young 
Clarksdale, MS 

Amick Youngblood 
Clarksdale, MS 

Tamara Washington 
Clarksdale, MS 


Vivian Williams 
Clarksdale, MS 



^Jte (^o&kom&n 

i<cuAincj ^Jte ZDar 

(^ampuA ioje 

Campus Life <r^55 

c Wr. 

cMn €veninc) o\ < ^7liraculouo < "lX/cndero ' 








ZJCateria €vans is the 
ninteen-year-old daughter oj 
C Wi r . ^ichael and ^s. 
^.vette Jackson cj 
(^larksdale, < lflississippi. 
She attends Pleasant 
Galley 'Baptist ©turcA 
under Pastor ^fohn €,• 
^iuiMiJ. J/m tAe community, 
<»Ae was a member cj ^toutA 
Readership (^larksdale, she 
served as junior page lor 
Senator i<obert Jackson, 
and a member oj the zDelteen 
<£lub/ ^elta^^^Sol 

*Delta Sigma ^heta. She 
enjoys dancing and reading. 
cMs a \reshmen 

Pre-^Jursing major at 
(^oahoma (Community 
College, she serves as a 
majorette in the \Ager 
marching j5and and the vice 
president oj the < V/2«tA and 
Science (^.lub. 

cMnthony ^TlcRean ^jr. 
cAnthony ^flc^ean, &T. is the twenty-year old son o} ^Tlr^' ^rina l£,. ZK&enon and < yfjfr. 
J5eau\ort ZKjeenon. d\s is a native o\ Spartanburg, South Carolina. cMnthony has \our 
sisters. cHe i«» a member o\ the ^sictory tabernacle Church where he sings in the choir. 
Currently, cQnthony is a general Education / Sports ^7[edicine major. eHe is a member oj 
the &£-&\ootball team. cMnthony aspires to attend ^TJississippi State *l^niversity to 
pursue his bachelors degree in Sports ^Tledidne. 


Campus Life 

iDimitriio <^>need and i^avcnda ^lay 
^ternate to c YT\ r . and < lf^ <&<8€ 

Oe' < v7(«rcio zBa'dev) and j-eryn t^>ilket 

JU (Blub 

^oney d{puaton and cAndre-am&r &c\\nAon 
cMccounting Oociety 

^Kiley ^ohnaon, ^r. and Jjlanca ^j-oneA 

(Computer OcieMce Oociety 

Campus Life 

0«ihom ^-onnaon and zDri cMna cJ&nder&on 
■Epicurean (^lub 


CYlUrckelUo %6r flV and £\ona Hubbard 

Multimedia (Blub 
Campus Life 

C^&vier Price and cMnqe.1 ^Tliller 
oAe«r jlludion 

^yrell £andlair and <r ffialea c 17lalone 
**lOe«>(ey foundation 

Paul ^fjedders and crawi ^aylcr 
e*iealtU, Physical Education, & ^Recreation 

Gregory ZKXnxber and *j>ereka ^JJeeka 
cHealtk Sciences 

ZJCeuin ^JJiley, &t. and Gwendolyn (^ook 
^lational technical c*{cnor Oociety 

(^edric cMllen and (^orliaaa t^ope 
Criminal justice 

Campus Life 

^Brandon tf-onndon and < H0k'itney t^jinzy 
j-re&knxan ^Qoyalty 


^Qacquel zDurdette and ^ric < j3eamon 

OopAomore ^Royalty 

oky 3<ina and (^kaundra xJtom«<> 
cHtsmecoming ^Royalty and -^lacort 

^jyliaka cfone* and ^David Baylor, II 
Student government cMaaociation 

Perry ^JJ'Uliamaon and jredrlcka j-ane 

ZKjenawa starry and ^nriatopher banner 

'JJayana < 7?2c^ee and tfemarque* i^eiruj 

QjUarl&A Perkins and ^amik clfaamlett 

Cosmetology & zBarbering 

JJsrrick JJav'u and J-a.touma.ta. JJiahy 
dormitory Council 


Jjemetriua (^herry and -l<ankin 

Pni jjeta i£_£imbda 
Campus Life 

^Demetric i^lttnxan and < ^7larakeena < ^7lay4 
^arly (^nildcare 

elfenry cKaynea and ^yronda c lOAite 

Skill* 'fyScA 

\^r\ft>tal ^rotje and x^uaene cJtnderaon 
Pki X^Aeta ZKxippa 

^faaeudia ^Tlitcnell and (^crie ^{awkina 
Ocience & Yrlatn Oi/wpc<num 

iCflrry iflpdley & Oam«fee<»/iia Baylor 
Oocial Ocience 

^.redarreun *v?2c < v7e«f and (Qlivia Garcia 

£>panian ^luL> 

Campus Life 

iSteven ^Vavia and Snaron < ^0'daon 
iStudenta Jn jree -^nterprlae 

e &smeka 0wena and ^.rav'iA l ^atcll\\ 
S>elta €p*Ucn ©« 

cAnqeia t^ackey and ^jsnnle Prater 

_ . ./zMmbajaadora 

Campus Life 

^vette cf-ackaon and ^alviyuna cJ-oknAon 
t^jatnb Scene (Character* 

^ameria zDavia and < Vflcntavian cMrtia 
j-lower t^rlnceaa and ^i\t Prince 

^fYfaa (^oaltoma junior (^allege 
C 7?2r<>. c4(ma x>r own 

1957 - 1958 

c yy\f. & c /7^<»«> (^oaUoma (Community (^allege 
i^w^retia cf-ohnaon and c Tflartin < 7<ooinAon 
2210- 20#ampus Life 


founder A 'EDay 20 1 1 

Vera Griffin Wanda Reed Mary L. King 

The visionary founders of Coahoma Community College, who opened the school in 1949 with 22 students, 
were transformed beyond their historical names inscribed on landmark campus buildings. 
The Founders Day presentation depicted B. F. McLaurin, the college's first president; Cleo Daugherty, his 
secretary; James E. Miller, the second president; Zee A. Barron, English Department director; Mary 
Whiteside, dean of students; and Consuella Carter, band director, as real-life figures with visions for 

"Mr. McLaurin came from Alcorn Agricultural College to be principal of Aggie High," said Carl Pitts, retired 
CCC social science instructor. "He was likeable, an enthusiastic young educator, and a force to be reckoned 
with; he forged ahead planning the school's 13th year and set about getting the best teachers for the college," 
continued Pitts. "In 1966 he gave up being president and named James Miller his successor," Pitts said. 
Jessie Mildred James, former vocational-technical dean, talked about Cleo Daugherty, first secretary who 
also collected tuition. "She was trustworthy - a gentle, sweet, kind lady who spoke softly and organized the 
first college catalog," said James. 

Educator Dr. Jimmy Wiley labeled James Miller's presidency as a time of growth and repeated Miller's 
predictions to naysayers who did not believe in the college: "Coahoma will not only survive but thrive." 
According to Dr. Wiley, Miller said, "I am proud to have stood on the shoulders of McLaurin, and proud to 
be at the helm in this period of growth and progress." 

Vera Griffin, CCC chair of liberal arts and English, described pioneer English chairman Zee Barron as "the 
right person at the right place, at the right time." "She was a model of perfection, the consummate 
professional, vibrant, a lady of legend, and a visionary," said Griffin. 

Current English instructor Wanda Reed, called Dean Mary Whiteside, a "mover and shaker who was in love 
with Coahoma and Jackson College." 

When Consuella Carter was director of bands, "We had the greatest band in the South," said Mary L. King 
Walker. Walker said Coahoma's band played at the groundbreaking of Mississippi Valley State College, 
Mound Bayou's welcome celebration for Congressman Dawson featuring gospel great Mahalia Jackson, the 
national convention of the Church of God in Christ, and the Memphis Cotton Carnival. She said Carter 

"invented the flying split for majorettes," and always said, "The show 

will go on." 


Campus Life 

Young minds keep 

i<&i6incj the j3arb y 

utilizing the library. Freshman Boston 
Neal of Memphis, TN gets assistance 
from library' clerk Dorothy Moses. 

Below photo: Sophomores Steven 
Davis of Clarksdale and Jasonya 
Harris of Jonestown complete a list 
of terms for a next day assignment. 


«. v *- 


1 1 




1 1T J!i 

mull ,r 

U' J 1 

■ •>•/ 



^ ■< 




Campus Life ^^l 67, 

tke library I 

68 £& Campus Life 

A laptop computer is a must to have according to freshmen Christopher Jackson 
and Lasean Calhoun of Chicago, 111 and sophomore Curtis Rosebud of 

Campus Life 


c lOeefe 

j3elievincj ZJn cM tflan" 

by Evelyn Folk was one of many presentations 
sponsored by the Coahoma Community College 
Lyceum Series. 
"Believing in a Man" is a heartfelt play based on 
the true life struggle of a young girl and how she 
over came a life of molestation, fornication, 
heartbreak, disappointments and most of all her 
parents' distrust. 

7to£=f Campus Life 


Habib Koite 

One man drove from Dallas to experience the Acoustic Africa 
concert at Coahoma Community College Thursday night; 
another from Baltimore; many came from Memphis; several 
were musicians who had played with the late Big Jack Johnson. 

There were students, teachers, small children, and CCC alumni 
celebrating Founders Week in the audience. But their diversity 
disappeared when the six men from Mali mesmerized the 

Led by charismatic Habib Koite and Afel Bocoum, Acoustic 
Africa created an enchanted, swaying, fluid audience of one. 

Briefly interrupting the magic rhythms of guitars, drums, vocals, 
and other African instruments, Habib expressed their 
appreciation for the Delta Blues Museum reception welcoming 
them to Clarksdale, the home of blues, Ike and Tina Turner. 

Following the finale, they were surrounded by fans seeking 
autographs and inviting them to come downtown to Red 
Paden's famous blues club on Sunflower. 

Campus Life 


72 A3 Campus Life 

i<&i6inc) cJte j5ar 



Left photo: 

Teknesha Friston of Cleveland, MS and Chrystal Wright of 

Clarksdale, MS 

Right photo: 

Ramon Wesley of Claveland, MS; Kimberly James of Cleveland, 

MS and Yasmen Chukwarah of Jackson, MS 

Campus Life 



Debra Thomas of Clarksdale, MS and Linda Bedford of Cleveland, MS 

74 y^ Campus Life 

Cynthia Scott of Clarksdale, MS; 
Mercedes Vardaman of Lula, MS; 
George Wilson of Charleston, MS 
and Philip Anderson of Detroit MI 

Lisa Calmese of Shelby, MS and Sharonda Head of Cleveland, MS 

Campus Life 


Computer (Concept* 


Jeremy King of Rena Lara, MS; Sarah Henley of Clarksdale; Brittany Benard 
of Leland, MS and Neiko McCullaugh of Chicago, IL 
Instructor Jeremy Pittman 








Veronica Triblett of Clarksdale, MS; Felita Betts of Coldwater, MS; 
Demitri Dye of Greenville, MS and Stefan Hairston, Columbus, MS 

Campus Life 

Pergonal & (Community 


Demetria Meeks of Clarksdale and Jules Forney of Baltimore, MD 
Instructor Johnny Noah 






Leaving one class and headed to another are Ryan Self and Elias Wells both 
of Clarksdale, MS. 

Campus Life ^x 77 

College cMlgebra 





Attending class are Regina Bryant, Jeremy Taylor, LaShondra Jackson, Chenet Weathers, 
SamDeeshia Taylor, Sherilyn McGregory, Ebony Turner, Wy'Keshia Jones, LaShunda Wilson 
and Michael Hester. 

S-ir^t <zAid 

^l* f *fc. 


Sheree Profit of Clarksdale, MS; Brittany Bernard of Leland, MS; 
Shequilla Arrington of Cleveland, MS; Bennetta Mason of Webb, 
MS; Shanna Dishman of Clarksdale, MS; Regina Bryant and Irvin 
Campus Life Moore of Lambert, MS 

Pergonal & (Community cHjzaltU II 

Attending class are Wanda Ranson of Clarksdale; Instructor Dr. Shirley Edwards; Faraji 
Robinson of Shaw, MS; Dayana McGee of Starkville, MS; Tuwannha Braxton of Coahoma 
and Andrelica Pointer of Clarksdale, MS 



Shelia Office of Tunica, MS and Mercedes Vardaman of Lula, MS 

Campus Life ^^79 

^o ^Jte zBooktt 



Needing several books are Andrelica Pointer of Clarksdale, MS; 
James Cox of Farrell, MS and Aleatra McKinley of Rena Lara, MS. 

Campus Life 

Work study student Antonio Bullock of Lula, MS assists Natasha 
Petterson of Charleston, MS and Cordero Addison of Tutwiler, MS with 
their selections. 

Campus Life 





Members of the Choir sing during the U.K. Dorsey's book signing. 

Front Row: Cassion Baker of Greenville, MS; Annricka Neal of Jonestown, MS; Angela 

Lackey of Clarksdale, MS; Ashley Gaston of Greenwood, MS; Skylar Gibbs of Clarksdale, 


Back Row: Patrick Mays of Coldwater, MS; Elnora Hubbard of Clarksdale, MS; Staldrick 

Williams of Cleveland, MS; Gabrielle Gaston of Greenwood, MS; Brandon Johnson of 

Clarksdale, MS; Kimberly Suggs of Jonestown, MS; Whitney Whitehead of Sidon, MS 


Campus Life 

Dorsey charted her personal journey from rejection 
and hard times as a "plague that fights to destroy 
self-worth." to happiness that has transformed her 

Dorsey described her experiences with job loss, 
resume and manuscript rejections, hard times 
teaching abroad in Japan, and suicidal thoughts. 
Her book, "Kill Me Dead" is her dairy, journey, and 

Author: U.K. Dorsey 

Assisting their daughter are her mother Estella Dorsey and father 
Henry Dorsey. 

Campus Life 


(^ollecje eMlgebra 

Fredericka Fane of Charleston, MS; December Davis of Mound Bayou, MS; April Fair of 
Clarksdale, MS; Emanuel Lackey, Jr. of Clarksdale, MS; Jeremy Jamison of Louise, MS 
and John Shook of Clarksdale, MS 

Theodore Moore of Friars 
Point, MS; Teresa Woods 
of Clarksdale, MS 

S4^S Campus Life 

^.ngli^U >&ovnpo6ition II 

LaCortia McFarland of Shubuta, MS; Donesha Baker of Shelby, 
MS: Lavette Weatherspoon of Cleveland, MS; Latrice Nathan of 
Lambert, MS; Shuquanna Wilkins of Clarksdale, MS; Kennitra 
Reddix of Clarksdale, MS and Whtley Williams of Clarksdale, MS 


4 - m l\ b^JLJ f j 




HHPB) **i B, I — 


Friends for Life! 
Tabitha Collins and Jasmine 
Crawford of Clarksdale, MS 

Campus Life 



Twins Bradley Brookins and Brian Brookins of Memphis, TN 

Brandon Lampkin of Greenwood, MS 

Enjoying his lunch is Jermaine Jones (Tune) of 
Yazoo, MS. 

Making a call before lunch is 
Yesmine Williams of 
Clarksdale, MS. 

Campus Life 


*■ * 


The lunch bunch. Danyal Jackson of Boyle, MS; Joletha Hackler of Cleveland, MS; Biance Jones 
of Cleveland. MS and Shequilla Arlington of Cleveland, MS 

Henry Haynes of Rosedale, MS; 
Christopher Mosby of Shelby, MS and 
Tambrishea Terrell of Ruleville, MS 

Campus Life 

Javaris Tucker of Wintonville, MS; Yasmine Williams of Clarksdale, MS; Dominique Pittmon of Shelby, 
MS, Juwan Walker of Shaw, MS and Officer Dana Clemmons 

Above photo: Wesley Jones of Memphis, TN; 
Darnarius Johnson of Clarksdale, MS and 
Cor'Darius Burnside of Ruleville, MS 

Gregory Kimber of Greenville, MS; Sarita 
Marshall of Greenville, MS and Danyetra 
Watson of Memphis, TN 

k 88 

Campus Life 

Valley Food Staff 

Laroza Thomas, Barbara Gardner, 
Linette Turnage, Manager, Jarvell 
Broom, Frankie Broom, Ann Jones 
and Kelvin Bass 

Fries? Darion Conner of Clarksdale, MS and Jeremy Jamison of Louise, MS 

Joshua Williams of Boyle, MS and 
Emmanuel Lackey of Clarksdale, MS 
having lunch. 

Hason Smith of Clarksdale, MS tries to finish lunch before class. 

Campus Life 


Student ^inlon 

Tiana Collins of Alligator, MS pose for this 

Right photo: 

Taking a break between classes are 
Kashira Edwards of Clarksdale, MS and 
Afrika Davis of Clarksdale, MS. 


Campus Life 

Timothy Johnson of Clarksdale, 
MS also enjoys a game of ping 

Campus Life 



Top photo: 

Leroy Turner of Clarksdale, MS, 
Instructor Lula Fergurson, Shuntia 
Leflore of Clarksdale, MS, LaTenique 
Thomas of Clarksdale, MS and 
Jacqueline Cassell of Clarksdale, MS 



i ^, 

■l ~~a^^m ^ 


Fabian Johnson of Clarksdale, MS, Evione Miller of 
Clarksdale, MS and James Bibbs of Cleveland, MS 


Campus Life 

< njDeldlncf & (^uttincj ^ecltnclccfy 

Corey Dorrough of Friars Point, MS and Deloris Rich of 
Clarksdale, MS 

Left photo: Caleb Sturdivant of Marks,MS and Cedric Bolton of 
Clarksdale. MS Right photo: Ivory Addison of Tutwiler, MS 

Campus Life €3^93 



Tabitha Davis, Clarksdale, MS; Eric C. Lewis, Clarksdale, MS; LaVonda Clay, Clarksdale, MS; Hason 
Smith, Clarksdale, MS; Chantana Lewis, Tutwiler, MS; Bradley Brookins, Memphis, TN; Tavian Kimble, 
Farrell, MS; Andreamer Johnson; Eddie Maysby, Rich, MS; Cheistopher C. Mosby, Shelby, MS; LaShundia 
Mason, Rosedale, MS 

cMccountincf \l 

Instructor Deborah Carter with students Jaber Faulkner, Chicago, Illinois; Alyssa 
Scott, Cleveland, MS; James Griffin, Friars Point; Glen Grace, Farrell, MS; 
Terrina Jones, Clarksdale, MS; Phillip Pollard, Friars Point, MS 
Campus Life 


j5iolocfy 11 

Casslisa Price of Clarksdale, MS ; Jerrica Brown of Clarksdale, MS Jessica Hills of 
Magee, MS 

Instructor Angela Reynolds with students Kashiwa Simmons of Shelby, MS; Katherine Jackson 
of Lambert, MS ; Samuel Miller of Clarksdale, MS ; and Deveonn Porter of Memphis,TN 

Campus Life 


cwnerican government 

Taking notes and keeping up 
with the lecture are Verlissa 
Jones of Clarksdale, MS and 
Grabrial Brown of 
Clarksdale, MS. 

Kelaiah Tyler of Clarksdale, MS; Tekemmia Gibson of Jonestown, MS: 
Jalisha Jones of Lambert, MS; Jeremy Smith of Jonestown, MS; Tenell 
Bradley of Cleveland, MS; Vatasha Hawkins of Clarksdale, MS; 
LaQuiria Hill of Clarksdale, MS and Starina Hall of Gunnison, MS 

Instructor John Mayo 

Keyvin Johnson of Clarksdale, MS; Derrick Davis, Jasonya Harris of Jonestown, 
MS; Regina Bryant of Clarksdale, MS; Ciera Williams of Clarksdale; Kenny 
Harris Jr. of Clarksdale, MS 
Campus Life 


Kelaiah Tyler of Clarksdale, 
MS makes a corrections on 
her paper. 

To the left: Yasmine 
Williams of Clarksdale, 
MS; Ebony Butler of 
Rosedale, MS; and 
Briana Rushing of 
Clarksdale, MS 

With Instructor 
Barbara Boschert is 
Connetta Harrell, 
Clarksdale. MS 




To the left: Paudero Biggins, 
Charleston; Antonio Wade of 
Memphis, TN; Kiomotti 
Ewing Jr. of Memphis, TN; 
Adrian Hunter of Clarksdale, 

To the left: Jeremy Jamison, Lousie, 
MS; LaTrice Sykes, Clarksdale, MS; 
and Michael Booker, Clarksdale, MS 

NX/extern (Civilization 

Campus Life 



Calvin Ford, Jasmine Dampier, Catricia 
Hopkins, Danicholus Watson, Ashley 
Hubbard, Justin Thomas, Latasha Dill, 
Norris Holly, Jr, Darius Ratcliff, Jessica 
Houston, Carmen O'Neal, Lashia Phillips, 
Alisha Davis, Neychaundra Brown, Temarlon 
Henderson, Muande Davis, Tumeshia 
Perryman, Richard McCray, Jr, William 
Winters and Instructor, Dr. Kishki Hall 

Campus Life 

■ W , <./ 

7 - ; 


Dr. Hall describes her teaching 
style, "As an instructor for 8 years 
now, I've learned that engaging 
the students (regardless of their 
ages) is one of the most effective 
teaching strategies there is in this 

time. My students consider 
me a different and unique 
instructor. I teach through 
signs (hand movement), 
songs, raps, and other 
special techniques. In the 
lesson on the speech 
communication process, we 
put the elements of the 
communication process in a 
song to learn them. Key 
terms are usually placed in 
songs and raps as well. " 
Dr. Hall believes that 
learning can be fun and 
exciting. Earning a quality 
education is an essential 
part of obtaining success in 
our society and even our 
world. So, why not make it 
an invigorating experience? 
She remarks, "It is 
imperative to educate and 
reach our students by any 
means necessary." 
One of the most popular 
aspects of the public 
speaking course under Dr. 
Hall is THE 
WORD!!! The motivational 
word is done almost every 
day to motivate the students 
and prepare their minds for 
a great learning experience. 
The students are always 
eager to say the 
motivational word and 
participate in our clap 

If you want to see unique 
learning at its best, VISIT 

Campus Life 


m^M Zurich 




,j -\'i 


• ', 



Top hoto: Xavier 

Price of 

Clarksdale, MS 

and D'Voryeauz 

Wildon of Lyon, 


"" "^^1*00*^^ 

100^=^ Campus Life 

,-- : - 


Working at a study pace is Lula Thomas of Clarksdale, MS. 

^rickf j3lcck and *Stone 


Top photo: Keeping the stones straight are Jacqueline Sims of Shelby. MS 
and Andrianna McGregory of Clarksdale, MS Bottom photo: Angela Austin 
and Latunza Austin of Friars Point, MS with Instructor Neal Mitchell 

Campus Life feVjOl 


Carolyn Suggs, of 
Clarksdale, MS 
warming up on the 

Che Dumas of Cleveland 
demonstrating how to make music 
to Percy Dawkins of Cleveland, 



Campus Life 

Derrick Davis is helping Kia Kemp of Cleveland to use the 


Campus Life ^AjOl 


Kiomotti Ewing of Memphis, TN works hard at finishing his 
assignment. Oh! Did we mention that he turned off his cell phone 

Campus Life 

"A Social Work major must read an aray of literature 
to be Knowledgeable," says Alice Smith of Marks, MS. 

Ms. Redd is in a red vehicle. 

Finishing class for today is Dorothy 
Redd of Darling, MS. 

Sharing a group picture: 

Briana Rushing of Clarksdale; Afrika Davis of 

Clarksdale and Cor'Davous Burnside of Rulesville 

Deborah Carter, Business chairperson, 
browses the library stacks during her 

Campus Life ^AjOS 


On tUe Suiting €Acjq 

Fredrick Nobors of Lyon, MS is giving a 
shape-up to Xavier Price of Clarksdale, MS. 


Checking student's roller set 
DeAngelo Houston of 
Clarksdale, MS on Wynesha 
Lee of Webb, MS is Master 
Barber Jesse Nunley 

Studnet barber Brandon Alexander of 
Tutwiler, MS take pride in his work. 
When he fmishs Sentoriuis Robinson, 
he will be quite handsome. 


Campus Life 

NaQuelle Dumas, Cleveland, MS 

Westley Jones, Memphis, TN 

Shaunta Bryant, Cleveland, MS 


kl 08^^ Campus Life 

Regina Galmore, Clarkdale; LaTiana 
Collins, Clarksdale 

Campus Life Y=V109i 

Police cMclmtni^trcition 

Juricko Hooper from Alligator; Kenny Harris Jr. from Clarksdale; Eric Bilbro from Clarksdale; Elias 
Wells from Clarksdale; Ulysses Cates from Greenwood; Keyvin Johnson from Clarksdale; Dexter 
Brinston from Chicago, IL; Shannon Tyler from Clarksdale; Jessica Hills from Magee; and Gabriana 
Finch from Clarksdale 

Brian Brookins from 
Memphis, TN; Troy 
Durham from Llyon; Ryan 
Self from Clarksdale; 
LaSean Calhoun from 
Chicago, IL; Christopher 
Jackson from Chicago, IL; 
Jennifer McGee from 
Clarksdale; Niressa 
Stapleton from Clarksdale, 
and Robert Benson from 


Campus Life 

Whitley Willams, from 
Clarksdale; Avielle Hearst, 
Clarksdale; December Davis, 
Mound Bayou, MS; Fred 
Plummer, from Memphis, TN; 
Edwin Bridges, from Glendora: 
Rhonda Jefferson, from 
Clarksdale; Johnny Jones, 
Clarksdale; Sherry Sherrod, 
Clarksdale; Michelle Wright, 
Chicago. Illinois; Rachel Taylor, 

Dealdra Coleman, from 
Clarksdale; Grady Stevens, 
from Clarksdale; Cheistopher 
Mosby, from Shelby; Louis 
Buckner, from Clarksdale; 
Brandon Davis, from 
Clarksdale; Shanwic Coleman, 
from Crowder; Michael Hohhs, 
from Clarksdale; Krystal 
Whitfield, from Clarksdale; 
Dimitrius Sneed, from Friars 

Seated are: Shirley Seaton, from 
Clarksdale; Hason Smith, from 
Clarksdale; Jessica Wilson, 
from Clarksdale; Henry Shaw, 
from Clarksdale; Steven Davis, 
Clarksdale; Avery Mason, 
Jackson, MS; Jasonya Harris, 
Jonestown, MS; Shandricka 
Furdge, Quitman, MS; Tenessa 
Carr, Clarksdale 

^Oorld tQiterature II 

Campus Life 


Jacqueline Cassell from Chicago, 111; Lorenzo Thomas from 
Benoit; Shequilla Arlington from Cleveland; Charles Nash 
from Indianola; Kasey Skiffer from Mendenhall; Thomas 
Ellington from Clarksdale; Kantrelle Grainger from 
Clarksdale; Carissa Jones from Yazoo City and Marilyn Jones 
from Sumner - Instructor Renee Sanford 


^Dettern Civilization I 

Johnathan Tugle from 
Clarksdale; Tyonna Bennett 
from Milwaukee, WI; Arsilisa 
Johnson from Clarksdale; 
Kimberly Brown from 
Clarksdale and Af 'Rika 
Davis from Clarksdale 
Instructor Elizabeth Melton 


Campus Life 

Yasmine Williams of Clarksdale, MS 

LaKedra Miller, of Tutwiler, MS 

Campus Life x\} 1 

c lOe S>o Zltil 

Patrick Hudson of Jackson, MS 

Patrick Brown, Cordaryl Campell, Rosedale, MS; James Bibbs, Cleveland; 
Morris Adams, Clarksdale, MS; Raman Wesley Jr., Renova, MS 

114V^ Campus Life 

(§ame on tlte (^ourtl 

Cordaryl Campbell of Rosedale, MS and Patrick Brown of Shaw, MS 

Raman Wesley Jr, of Renova, MS and James Bibbs, Cleveland, MS 

Campus Life *r\) 1 5j 






' v*- ,J 


Largest Graduating Class in History 

Angeline Brown described CCC's 201 1 class 
of 325 graduates as "bursting with success." 
She cited several members including David 
Taylor representing his family's third 
generation to study health care at Coahoma; 
Adolfo Lopez, an English language learner 
becoming a translator for his extended 
family; and top graduate Eugene Anderson, a 
cancer survivor who entered college at the age 

"When you leave here, you have 
opportunities; view Coahoma as a bridge to 
the next level," she said. "Don't be afraid to 
step out of your element." 
She advised graduates to set goals, pace 
yourself because you know your own limits, 
and stay focused. "There is only one direction 
to travel - it's forward, - she said. "If you 
don't finish first, don't look back, maybe 
your mountains are too high, but look at 
yourself sitting here because you prepared 




i&iiAinc} \iUe. ZDar 

(^lub* & (Qrcj&nizcitionA 

Clubs/Organizations *r\l 1 7 


Seated: Feryn Silket-Allen of 
Goldsboro, NC; Elias Wells, 
President, of Clarksdale, MS; Jamie 
Lewis, Vice President, of Pace, MS 

Standing; Steven Coleman of Farrell, 

MS; Artida Hubbard of Clarksdale, 

MS; Samuel Miller III of Clarksdale, 


Adviser: Delores Richard 

The Coahoma Community College Ambassador Club is a prestigious 
group of individuals that serves as host and hostesses for our college. 
Student Ambassadors are trained to provide assistance during peak 
registration periods, participate in visits to area high schools and 
college fairs to present their of college experience, assist width campus 
tours, assist during special events and college sponsored activities. 
CCC Ambassadors Fall 20 1 1 Semester Activities: Fund raiser ($ 1 00 
gas card raffle ticket sale - Mrs. Barbara Boschert won the gift card) 
Donated can goods to the poor; Donated toys for kids to local hospital; 
Served as hosts for the Veteran's Day Program; Visited area high 
schools with the Admission Counselors; Boosted students in getting 
pre-registered for the Spring 20 1 2 semester. 

Spring 20 1 2 Semester: Assisted with the Spring 20 1 2 Registration; 
Assisted with organizing more campuswide events; and more outreach 
involvement in the community. 


Clubs & Organizations 


Seated: April Shaw of Clarksdale, MS, James Henderson of Friars Point, MS, Sheila Sanders, 
Adviser, and Geronda Skinner of Shelby, MS 

Standing: Brendolyn Sculark, Adviser, Henry Haynes of Rosedale, MS, Ivory Addison of Tutwiler, 
Arkehshey Moore of Friars Point, MS, Travis Turner of Coahoma, MS and Terrence Dancy of 
Mound Bayou, MS 

Career Technical Education Month has been observed for the month of February 2012. Our theme for 

20 1 2 is Careers Through Education. We are celebrating Career Technical Education because it is the key to 

success in developing a qualified workforce. It is also a school-to-career connection that involves the 

business, industry, community, and instructors. 

Also, during the month of February, the SkillsUSA students will be celebrating SkillsUSA week from 

February 5-1 1, 2012 with different activities for our students and advisors. 

During the month of March, our SkillsUSA students will be participating in the Career Fair on Friday, 

March 2. 2012. This event will take place in the Pinnacle of CCC. The SkillsUSA students will be ushers 

for this event. 

On March 22-23, 2012, our SkillsUSA students will be attending our SkillsUSA Mississippi State 

Competition in Pearl. MS. This event will be held at Hinds Community College Pearl/Rankin campus. The 

competition consists of Welding, Carpentry, Collision & Repair, Preschool Teaching Assistant, 

Cosmetology, Computer Servicing, Hotel & Restaurant, and Culinary Arts. 

In the month of April, the SkillsUSA students will be planning a teddy bear and rabbit basket for day care 

children for Easter. They will do this community service project in Clarksdale, MS. We will give away 25 

to 30 rabbit and teddy bear baskets. 

Clubs & Organizations 



Student government 

Seated: Mekell Kennedy,Executive Secretary, Jonestown; Kateria Evans, Miss CCC, Clarksdale; Angela 
Lackey, SGA President, Clarksdale; Lavonda Clay, Public Information Office, Clarksdale; 
Standing: Westley Jones, Leadership Chairman, Memphis, TN; Sammuel Partee, Chief of Staff, Clarksdale; 
Dimitrius Sneed, SGA Vice President and Mr. CCC, Friars Point; and Ryan Hawkins, Treasurer, Webb 

The Student Government Association serves the student population by surveying the students, representing 
their interests to the administration, sponsoring events such as Homecoming, and initiating community 
service to aid the community. The Student Senate serves as the "Voice" among the students and the 
administration and it is comprised of the club and organizations at the campus. 

The Executive Branch is responsible for carrying out the will and interest of the student body and the Office 
of the Student Leadership Council. The Executive Officers are elected and appointed to be the chief 
representatives of the students and serve at the will of the student body. 


Clubs & Organizations 

(Computer Ocience ©u(? 

This organization is composed of computer majors and other students who are interested in the 
objectives of the club. Objectives of this club include: to help each member develop a sense of 
responsibility and a more cooperative attitude through group participation; and to help each 
member learn to think critically. 

Seated: Brittney Holmes, 
Secretary of Cleveland, 
MS; Derrick Davis of 
Gunnison, MS; Sheena 
Collins of Clarksdale, MS 
Standing: Gregory Daniel 
of Clarksdale, MS; Jeremy 
Pittman, Sponosor; 
Johnathan Lee of 
Tutwiler, MS; Riley 
Johnson Jr. 

President/Senate Rep. of 
Clarksdale, MS 

^^ncfli^U (^lub 

Seated: Maranda Davis, 
Vice President of 
Clarksdale; Tyronica 
Lewis, Secretary of 
Tutwiler; Quishanta 
Cummings, President 
of Clarksdale; 
SamDeeshia Taylor, 
Assistant Secretary of 
Tutwiler; Standing: 
Wanda Reed, Adviser, 
Steven Davis, Business 
manager of Clarksdale; 
Tredarreun McNeal of 
Clarksdale and Vera 
Griffin, Adviser 

The English Club promotes participation in the literary and dramatic arts, 
attends cultural and historical arts events, engages students in written and 
oral expression programs, and sponsors service projects for the college and 
the community. 

Clubs & Organizations 


Bobbie Deshazer. Adviser; Teresa Johnson, Clarksdale; Letreta Hoskins, Clarksdale; Lisa Thomas, 
Clarksdale; Angelina Jones, Clarksdale; Demetrius Cherry, Friars Point; Lisa Marbley, Clarksdale; Barbara 
Ray, Clarksdale; Linda Ellis, Clarksdale; Priscilla Pittman , Clarksdale and Kimberly Hollins, Adviser 

Back Row: Mary Ray, Evione Miller, Tonya 
Terry, Bertina Howard, Roxanne Jackson and 
Teresa Johnson 

Front Row: Wanda Ransom, Shelia Duke, Lisa 
Thomas and Betty Anderson 

Phi Beta Lambda is a business organization 
designed to prepare the student for success as 
leaders in business, government, and the 

Our mission is to bring business and education 
together in a positive working relationship 
through innovative leadership and career 
development programs. Every year, the 
organization raises funds to donate to the 
March of Dimes. 


Clubs & Organizations 

Phi zueta irambd 


^Tlatk & Ocience (^lub 

Seated: Vernice Wright, Vice President, of Clarksdale; Katherine Jackson, President, of Lambert; Kenisha 
Walker, Secretary, of Friars Point; Cynthia Scott of Clarksdale 

Standing: Trina Cox, Adviser; Lasonya Wilson of Clarksdale; Charlotte D. Pryor of Clarksdale; Angela 
Stewart of Clarksdale; Tara Sing of Greenville; Joyce Matthews of Clarksdale; Dr. Adria Neely, Adviser and 
Birley Gipson, Adviser 

MATH AND SCIENCE CLUB: This organization is composed of mathematics and science majors and other 
students who are interested in the objectives of the club. Objectives of this club include: to help each member 
develop a sense of responsibility and a more cooperative attitude through group participation; to help each 
member learn to interpret and analyze issues of mathematics and science; to help each member learn to think 
critically; to encourage research in the mathematics and sciences and present seminars; and to have members 
meet famous/outstanding personalities in the fields of mathematics and science. 
Math & Science Club Highlights 

• Food Fund-raiser (20 1 1 Fall and 20 1 2 Spring Semester) 
Lula Festival (October 22, 20 1 1 ) 

• Participated in the homecoming parade and homecoming activities (Carnival) 

• Attended 4th annual Healthcare conference (November 3-4, 201 1) at Harrah's Casino & Hotel 

Convention Center in Robinsonville, MS 

• Annual Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner (November 15, 201 1) 
Toy Drive (December 7,2011) 

Clubs & Organizations 


cArt (glub 

Whitney Moore, Clarksdale, MS; Rosland Wilcox, Adviser; William Winter, Shelby, MS; Vincent Haynes, 
Clarksdale, MS; David Garcia, Shelby, MS; Steven Coleman, Farrell, MS; Martha James, Clarksdale,MS; 
David J. Caudillo, Clarksdale, MS; Joseph Scruggs, Rena Lara, MS; Evie Johnson, Cleveland, MS; Rachell 
Ballentine, Adviser; James Cox II, Clarksdale, MS; Feryn Silket-Allen, Goldsboro, NC; Kennitra Reddix, 
Clarksdale, MS; Angel Windless, Marks, MS; Tredarreun McNeal, Clarksdale, MS; Demonta Waters, 
Tutwiler, MS; Cassandra Wilson, Adviser 

ART CLUB: The Art Club has been created to assist art students in their exploration of the arts, i.e. visiting 
art galleries, meeting professional artists, learning how to self promote and properly display art. 
The Art Department provides students the opportunity to improve their current knowledge of art. This is 
accomplished through a holistic fine art experience designed to prepare students in furthering their study at 
the next level of education. 

\2^M=f Clubs & Organizations 

Student Jn j-ree -^nterpriae 


Standing: Antonio 
Bullock, Vice 
President of Lula, MS; 
Deborah Carter, 
Adviser, and 
Dimitrius Sneed of 
Friars Point, MS 
Seated: Quortisha 
Waters, President of 
Tutwiler, MS 

Student in ^ree ^nterpriae is a partnership between businss and higher education that prepares the next 
generation of entrepreneurs and abusiness leaders to create a better world for everyone. The emphasis is 
placed in five areas: market economics, success skills, entrepreneurship, financial literacy and business ethic. 

'Yearbook sSta$ 

Keeping Coahoma's memories 
alive are two dedicated 
yearbook staff members. 
These students devoted time 
and energy towards helping to 
make this yearbook a special 
one. According to these 
students, they could not have 
done it without the assistance 
of Mrs. Mary L. Caradine and 
Yvonne M. Stanford advisers. 

Editors-in-Chief: Dimitrius Sneed and Tredarreun McNeal 

Clubs & Organizations 


^ItOA C lOAo 

Among Students In American Universities & Colleges 

Shanwic Coleman 

Major: Criminal Justice 

Jessica Houston 

Major: Pre-Nusring 

Feryn Silket-Allen 
Major: Art Educaton 

LaVonda Clay 

Major: Business 

Kenswa Harry 

Major: General Education 

126#£a* Clubs & Organizations 

HOAo'^ HOfte 

Among Students In American Universities & Colleges 

Otisha Lee 

Major: Business 

Kimberly James 

Major: Pre-Nursing 

Riley Johnson, Jr. 

Major: Computer 
Information Systems 

Tyronica Lewis 

Major: Psychology 

Tredarreun McNeal 

Major: General Education 

Clubs & Organizations ^^127 

c lOUo'^ c \0ho 

Among Students In American Universities & Colleges 

Demetria Meeks 
Major: Pre Nursing 

John Smith 

Major: Computer 
Information Systems 

Dimitrius Sneed 

Major: Criminal Justice 

Whitley Williams 

Major: Criminal Justice 

Ryan Wright 

Major: Psychology 




Clubs & Organizations 

i\ \ 

iLJte s^o&komcin 

i<&iMncf ^Ae j$, 



Sports 5=\l29 



New athletic logo designed by Himes Weekly III. 



130JS Sports Baseball/Softball 2011 

Spring j3a6eball oActd 

Chris Jones of 
Mendenhall, MS 
putting fire behind 
the ball 


eginald Campbell 
vindsup for the 

Spring ^>oltball o/tot<> 

Anshunett Rankin gets the ball to Amberly 
Brown to get the out. 


Sports Baseball/Softball 201 1 f\1 31 



J 32/3 Sports 

Jaszy Paker looks for options on the field. 

Daveonn Porter displaying his agility on his run. 

(^omincj \JUroucjUl 





Sports <^J31 

Mississippi Mass Choir 

spreads joy throughout 
the Pinnacle. 

Serving up good food are Sherilyn 
McGregory and Shakirous Jones. 


Recording artist, ROSCOC Dash, signs autographs 
for his fans. 

A student enjoying the always relaxing Aqua Massage. 


134^=3 Sports 

Solos are popular in the CCC Choir. Left Photo: 
Dameon Davis of Greenwood, MS Below photo: 
Kimberly Suggs of Jonestown, MS 

Many people promote 
Breast Cancer Awareness 

CAHS, CHS and CCHS Classes of 1981 

Combined thirty-year class reunion 

Debra Temple and Debra West graduates of 

CAHS, pose with a friend and graduate of CCHS 

Cynthia McClain. 

Miss Homecoming 20 1 1 
Kelaiah Tyler of Clarksdale, MS 

1 36^S Sports 


"Sunshine Lady" & "Let's Straighten Out" 

Bobbie Rush 
"I ain't Studdin' Ya" and "She's So Fine" 

Josh Stewart 


uh huh!! 

"Ain't That Loving You" and "Every 

Goodbye Don't Mean I'm Gone" 



(Bookincf it up, 3(e>t Hill 

There is nothing like a 
good old Homecoming. 

It brings home families, old friends, 
new friends and classmates. 


Sports 5=\t3Z 


i&idy X^er«* 


Chandrika Pearson 



Rosa Fort 


Ciara Morgan 





ShyVuna Johnson 





Jasmine Pittman 





Kayla Tillis 



South Delta 


Alexandria Williams 





Dayana McGee 





Erica Collins 





Sharhonda Vaughn 





Shakyla Jones 



West Tallahatchie 



Ciara Morgan shows good 

*Pl*y 3/ 

Chandrika Pearson of Rosa Fort. MS 

< W[ake it, it 1 * \reel 


Lakedra Miller of Tutwiler, MS, 
April Fair of Clarksdale, MS, Jessica 
Wilson of Clarksdale, MS, Jamie 
Lewis of Rosedale, LaTrice Sykes of 
Clarksdale. MS and Turonia Cosey of 
Clarksdale. MS 

Dayana McGee goes up with the floater. 

^lumber 33 *§oincf 
j-or tk& 3.... 

Erica Collins going for the 3 point shot. 

Chandrika Pearson sizing up her opponent. 

140jfa Sports 

<§ood 3tu*tlell 

Sharhonda Vaughn hustling on the play 

Ciara Morgan 
takes her free 
throw shot. 

Sports te\141 

Cordaryl Campbell slams 
it home! 

142^=3* Sports 


Rigueson Desorvil 



Palm Beach, FL 


Rashard Harris 



Memphis, TN 


Cordaryl Campbell 



Rosedale, MS 


Patrick Hudson 



Canton, MS 


Cortavious Vaughn 



Cleveland, MS 


Alex Thompson 



Jackson, MS 


Stacey Regular 



Greenwood, MS 


Kenny Harris 





Morris Adams 





Charles Nash 





Stephen Johnson 



Memphis, TN 


Raman Wesley 



Cleveland, MS 


J 4 

^akincf (Control ! 

Cortavious Vaughn taking clutch free throw 
shots. Below, he also prepares for a shot. 




the fast 


with a 


Dayana McGee of Aberdeen, MS 


X^te &ocd\omcin 

^QaiMncj XJte j5ar 



Closing ^^14S 

Raising The Bar 

Martha (£atlette 
^Jice President, 
cHealtn Ocience«» 

^Koaentaty Dill -^Jice President, 
3 natitutional €Hectivene46 

cMnn oAe(ton-(^,(«rk 

< ^Jive t^retident 

parser technical Division 

^ff\araaret JJixon - -Director 
^<eaearcn and cMAdeAAment 
institutional ^\\ectiveneaa 

i&nSlta6a ^ri\\in - Zuean 
Student cJi\\aira & Support Oeruice<» 

^Danda (§. cKelmed - "^Director 
t^juntan QeAourcea 

146^^ Closing 

j-reeman c^crton - Director 
3iead football (£oack / cJkUletict department 

c 7flicltael c^puaton - cMAAiatant < ^Jice t^reaident 
finance and (Qperationa 

Raising The Bar 

i^oaetta toward - c L'ice t^reaident, cMjj\aira 

(§regory e^iudaon - *H^ice President 
tZHudent cM\\aira and Support 

Otewen tfoaaell - ^/ice President 
^Jucrklorce JJevelopment 

^Deborah ^c^eal - ^ice 'pretidednt 
j-inance and i&perationa 

JJelor&a -Richard - -Director 
^<egiatrar, cAdmiaaiona & ^Kecord& / Coordinator ^Ueterana 


^vonne < ^fr\. £5tan\ord - ^Director 
t£_.ibrary and t&aivrning i<eAource Renter 

^Tjarilyn cStarka - < ^Jice President 
J natitutional cMdvancement / federal t^rogranxa 

Closing gVuz 

(College €s&m6 ^ilt^^ldcfe (Commendations 

The official accreditation reaffirmation of Coahoma 
Community College by the Southern Association of Colleges 
and Schools (SACS) with no follow-up reports required is 
gilt-edge, platinum-plus news in the academic circles according 
to Rosemary Dill, Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness 
and SACS liaison and Dr. Vivian M. Presley, President. 


Higher Education Appreciation Day, 
Working for Academic Excellence 

H.E.A.D.W.A.E encourages excellence 

among those involved in higher education as a way 
to further leadership, increase knowledge across the 
broad spectrum of education, and promote agood 
citizens capable of thriving in today's society and 
prepared to meet futlure challenges. 

Jfuntanitied X^eacfoer cJhvcird 
2011 "Recipient 

He has been instrumental in developing the Choral Music 
Department at CCC which is noted as one of Mississippi's 
most renowned choral programs for its established 
reputation for diverse choral performances 
He implemented a concert choir, show choir, gospel choir, 
and barbershop quartet. The choral music program has 
captivated audiences throughout the southeast region with 
its vast array of songs from classical, concert, spiritual, 
contemporary, and gospel traditions. 

Instructor - David Jones 
Student -Kelaiah Tyler 

Kelvin Towers, Director of Choral Activities 

Li 48 


^avc C^C^C, dinger a Per\orn\ at ZtCennedy 

Angela Lackey (center) of Clarksdale and Marsheena 
Mays of Jonestown, both 19-year-old members of 
Coahoma Community College's acclaimed Concert 
Choir, performed with the lOSVoices of History 
National Choir in Washington, D.C. Following four 
months of preparation, the students spent six days in 
D. C. rehearsing with national conductors, leadership 
training workshops, civic service, tours and a banquet 
at Howard University with other students from 
Historic Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). 
Lackey, a health and kinesiology major and president 
of the Student Government Association (SGA) at 
Coahoma, is the daughter of the Rev. Emanuel Lackey 
and Delores Lackey. Mays, a social work major, is the 
daughter of Conelius and Martin Mays. They are 
pictured with Kelvin Towers, CCC choir director. 

*£jady 'CicferA ^aaketball 

PlayerA ^solunteer at 
(^larkAclalet (^are Station 

Before their busy athletic season gets under 
way, Coahoma Community College Lady 
Tiger basketball players enjoy volunteering 
at Clarksdale's feeding ministry, the Care 
Station. With volunteer Arner Gatewood 
(far left) and William Gatewood (far right) 
overseeing the unpacking of groceries, 
members of the Lady Tiger team include 
(from left) Shyuna Jackson of Clarksdale; 
CamRi Butler and Jasmine Goss, both of 

c4ll Star (Slavic ^orth S>ivi*lon 

Five members of the 201 1 Tiger football team were 
selected All-Stars for their outstanding season to play for 
the North Division team of the Mississippi Association of 
Community and Junior College (MACJC) All Star Classic. 
Front row: Fred Plummer, wide receiver, and Jaszy 
Parker, quarterback 

Back row: Keith Reynolds, linebacker; Jared Washington, 
defensive tackle; and Brandon Cathy, offensive tackle. 



Johnny McGlown, Chairman 
Coahoma County 

Brenda Armstrong 
Quitman County 

Donald Clark, Vice Chairman 
Coahoma County 

Pauline Rhodes, Secretary 
Coahoma County 

Willie Blocker 
Bolivar County 

Bernard Chandler 
Tunica County 

Rena Butler, Assistant 


Coahoma County 

Tallahatchie County 

Ned Gathwright 
Quitman County 

Rev. Andrew Hawkins 
Tallahatchie County 

RevTDenms Hawkins 
Coahoma County 

Attorney Cynthia Mitchell 
Coahoma County 

David Williams 
Tunica County 

William Bradley 
Legal Advisor 

JSOjfe Closing 

Robert G. Mason 
Bolivar County 

^^ h- -■ DEVEl-OPflMG En V"* 1 

■ ~~Z t — \ mm** m— ~K »-— 


ZDoard oj ^rutteeA 

\Ja& (^oak 


i<cii4incf \il\o. jjar 



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Alexander, Brandon 32, 106 

Alexander, Clinton 32 

Alexander, Johntiea 4 

Alexander, Patrick 4 

Allen, Andrelica 32 

Allen, Andy 4 

Allen, Cedric 4,59 

Allen, Dean 32 

Allen, Deloise 32 

Allison, Shaka 4 

Alston, Cedric 32 

Alston, Storm 32 

Amos, Leslie 32 

Anderson, Asunte 32 

Anderson, Betty 4, 122 

Anderson, Brin 32, 58 

Anderson, Caprice 4 

Anderson, Eugene 63 

Anderson, La'Skya 4, 8 

Anderson, Lewis 32 

Anderson, Philip 75 

Ankston, Robert 4 

Antici, Kyrie 49 

Armstrong, Keith 4 

Armstrong, Sammie 49 

Arrington, Shequilla 4, 78 

87, 112 

Artis, Nicholas 49 

Artis, Ommie 4 

Askew, Latricia 4 

Austin, Angela 101 

Austin, DeWayne 32 

Austin, LaTunzia 32, 101 


Bailey, Krystal 32 

Bailey, Penkelih 32 

Bailey, Se'Marcio 57 

Bailey, Sharon 4 

Bailey Jr., Darone 4 

Bain, Tara 32 

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Ballentine, Rachel 49, 124 

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Banks, Dominique 

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Bays, Willie 32 

Beamon, Eric 60 

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Beasley, Zararan 5 

Bedford, Andriana 32 

Bedford, Linda 74 

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BelLCalesha 32 

Benard, Brittany 76 

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Bennett, Tyonna 1 12 

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Benson, Robert 1 10 

Bernard, Brittany 5, 78 

Bernard, Denitkia 32 

Berryhill, Bernard 49 

Betts,Felita 76 

Betts, Fluta 5 

Betts, Joseph 32 

Bibbs, James 91, 114, 115 

Bickham, Jarlisica 5 

Biddle, Shannon 32 

Biggins, Paudero 32, 97 

Biggs, Calvin 32 

Bilbro, Elzie 32 

Bilbro, Eric 110 

Blackman, Angela 5 

Blacknall, James 5 

Blackwell, Ashley 32 

Blanch, Okema 5 

Bland, Randy 32 

Blanton, Keaundra 32 

Blissett, Anthony 5 

Blue, Joe 5 

Blue, Michael 32 

Blue, Shykiere 32 

Blunt, Deaja 32 

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Booker, Felicia 5 

Booker, Henrine 5 

Booker, Lamar 32 

Booker, LaTasha 32 

Booker, Michael 97 

Boone, Anitra 32 

Booth, James 18 

Boschert, Barbara 97 

Bounds, Shoral 5 

Bounds, Tyshon 5 

Box, Jametcia 33 

Box, Tiffany 33 

Boyd, Angela 33 

Boyd, Robert 33 

Boyd, Shereika 5 

Bradford, Linda 5 

Bradley, enell 96 

Bradley, LaShonda 33 

Bradley, Mercedes 5 

Bradley, Sharon 5 

Bradley, Terrell 5 

Brantley, Hannah 5 

Braugher, Kathleen 33 

Braxton, Sue 33 

Braxton, Trinette 33 

Braxton, Tuwannha 79 

Breckenridge, Lola 5 

Breeland, Jasmine 33 

Brewer, Deandra 33 

Bridges, Ambresha 33 

Bridges, Cornelius 33 

Bridges, Edwin 1 1 1 

Bridges, Feleck 5 

Bridgette, J'tajlon 33 

Brinkley, Bridgette 5 

Brinkley, Mary 33 

Brinston, Dexter 1 10 

Brinston, Whitney 5, 90 

Brookins, Bradley 86, 94 

Brookins, Brian 86, 1 10 

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Brooks, Carol 49 

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Broom, Frankie 89 

Broom, Jarvell 33, 89 

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Brown, Brunley Orange ...10, 33 

Brown, Carolyn 33 

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Brown, Jerrica 33, 95 

Brown, Jessie 6 

Brown, Kambouria 33 

Brown, Kimberly 6, 112 

Brown, Michelle 33 

Brown, Miriam 6 

Brown, Neychaundra 6, 98 

Brown, Patrick 114, 115 

Brown, Peggy 6 

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Brown, Sharmekna 33 

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Brown, Sharon 33 

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Brown, Wytavia 6 

Brown Sr., George 49 

Brownlow, Jacqueline 49 

Bryant, Annie 6 

Bryant, Anthony 33 

Bryant, Mario 33 

Bryant, Natalie 33 

Bryant, Regina 78, 96 

Bryant, Shaunta 108 

Bryant, Talimba 6 

Buckhona, Marvin 6 

Buckley, Timothy 33 

Buckner Jr., Louis 33, 1 1 1 

Buford, Ariel 33 

Bullock, Antonio 6, 81, 125 

Burchfield, Stephanie 33 

Burdette, Racquel 60 

Burks, Harriett 33 

Burks, LaCandrice 33 

Burnett, Steve 6 

Burns, Cordrick 33 

Burnside, Cor'Darius 33 

88, 104 

Burnside, Cor'Davous 105 

Burton, Dana 6 

Burton, Lisa 6 

Busby, Tanesa 33 

Bush, Eddie 33 

Bush, Telisha 33 

Bush III, Henry .33 

Butler, Camri 34, 149 

Butler, Ebony 97 

Butler, Kenyatta 34 

Butler, LaDonna 34 

Butler, Talisha 34 

Butler, Tamara 34 

Butler, Tamie 34 

Butler, Tolernisa 49 

Butler, Whitney 34 

Butts, Tasha 34 

Butuner, Angelisa 6 

Bynum , Neelo 6 

Byrd, Kevin 34 

Byrd, Rochelle 6 


Cage, Zandra 6 

Calhoun, Lasean 34, 69, 110 

Callicut. Deidre 34 

Calmese, Lisa 34, 75 

Cameron, Sanchez 91 

Campbell. Cordaryl 6, 114 

115. 142, 143 

Campbell. Jacqueline 34 

Campbell. Latreese 34 

Campbell. Malcolm 6 

Campbell. Olivia 49 

Campbell. Reginald 131 

Campbell. Yulinda 6 

Cannady. Shavonta 34 

Caradine. Man 49 

Carlisle. Sarita 6 

Carodine. Ciera 34. 104 

Carodine. Sherry 7, 20 

Carr. Adonus 7 

Carr. Tenessa 7, 1 1 1 

Carson. Darcee' 34. 104 

Carter, Ariane 7 

Carter, Chanita 34 

Carter. Christie 7 

Carter. Constance 34 

Carter. Deborah 49. 94 

105. 125 

Carter, DeMarie 7 

Carter. Jacqueline 7 

Carter. Lakesha 34 

Carter. Man 7 

Carter, Willie 34 

Cassell. Jacqueline 91 

Cassell. Jacqueline 34, 1 12 

Cates, Ulysses 34. 1 10 

Cathey. Brandon 7 

Cathey. Shadlynn 34 

Cathy'. Brandon 149 

Catlette. Dr. Martha 146 

Caudillo. David J 124 

Causley. ShaRona 34 

Cauthen. Natasha 7 

Chambers. Raymond 34 

Chappie. Melvin 34 

Chatman Jr.. Bobby 7 

Cherry. Demetrius 7, 62, 122 

Christian. Keith 7 

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Chukwarah. Yasmen 34, 73 

Clark. Caitlin 7 

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Clark. Gladys 49 

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Clark. LaQuinta 34 

Clark. Mechelli 34 

Clark. Tammie 34 

Clark. Tyrique 34 

Clark Jr.. Burny 34 

Clay. Charnell 34 

Clay. LaVonda 7, 57, 94 

120, 126 

Clay. Stephanie 34 

Cleark. Jasmine J 7 

Cleave. Charlie 34 

Clemmons. Danna 49 

Clemons, Jamie 34 

Clemons, Kiara 7 

Coanner, Shandreicka 34 

Cohen, Davida 7 

Cole. Kaitia 104 

Cole. Karayan 34 

Cole. Nikara 34 

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Cole, Tyrea 34 

Cole , Iesha 7 

Coleman. Cathy 7 

Coleman, Dealdra 1 1 1 

Coleman, JoAnne 34 

Coleman, LoRann 34 

Coleman, Shanwic Ill, 126 

Coleman, Shanwice 7 

Coleman, Steven 34, 81 

118, 124 

Coleman. Turkessa 34, 108 

Collins, Chaka 49 

Collins, Edward 7 

Collins. Ellis 7 

Collins. Erica 34, 138, 140 

Collins. James 34 

Collins. Jemyle 34 

Collins. LaTasha 34 

Collins. LaTiana 7, 109 

Collins, Morrissa 34 

Collins. Nesserie 34 

Collins. Radius 8 

Collins. Shantanza 34 

Collins, Sheena 121 

Collins. Tabitha 8,85 

Collins. Tiana 90 

Conley. Lakendric 34 

Conley, Mildred 8 

Conner, Alexis 35 

Conner, Darion 35, 89 

Conner. Ken'tyia 35 

Conrad. Nakia 35 

Conrad. Yasmeen 35 

Conrod, Devon 35 

Conrod. Yasmeen 104 

Cook. DeAndre 35 

Cook. Gwendolyn 59 

Cooper. Carlisa 8 

Cooper, Emmanuel 8 

Cooper. Jamal 8 

Cooper, LaJanis 35 

Cooper, Shalonda 35 

Copeland, Mark 35 

Corley, Cornelius 8 

Cosby, Bonderia 8 

Cosey, Turonia 1 39 

Cotton. Amelia 8 

Cotton. Effie 8 

Counslor, Delandra 35 

Cox, Amiesta 8 

Cox, James 8, 80, 81, 124 

Cox, Trina 50, 123 

Cox, Tykerra 8 

Crawford, Jasmine 85 

Criswell, Lori 50 

Crockett, Datreion 35 

Crockett, Rhonda 8 

Crockett, Shunda 35 

Cross, Jasmine 35 

Crowder, Quannersha 8 

Crum, Jeremy 35 

Crump, Christopher 35 

Cummings, Quishanta 8, 121 

Curry, Cordrian 35 

Curtis, Danyelle 8 

Curtis, Demarcus 35 

Curtis, Demetria 35 


Dampier, Jasmine 8, 98 

Dancy, Terrence 1 19 

Daniel, Gregory 121 

Daniel , Feleshia 35 

Daniels, Carla 8 

Daniels, Marcia 35 

Daniels, Marquita 35 

Dash, Roscoe 134 

Daughrity, Delores 35 

Davis, Abdul 35 

Davis, Afrika...35,90, 105, 112 

Davis, Alisha 35, 98 

Davis, Amelia 8 

Davis, Andrea 35 

Davis, Antoinette 35 

Davis, Ashley 8 

Davis, Bonsha 8 

Davis, Brandon 8, 1 1 1 

Davis, Charles 8 

Davis, Dameon 135 

Davis, December 8, 84, 1 1 1 

Davis, Derrick 8, 62, 96 

103, 121 

Davis, Evelyn 35 

Davis, Gwendolyn 8, 107 

Davis, Jackie 9 

Davis, Jacqueline 9 

Davis, Jenena 35 

Davis, KiManah 35 

Davis, Maranda 121 

Davis, Mary 9 

Davis, Monica 35 

Davis, Muande 98 

Davis, Netta 35 

Davis, Shawanda 35 

Davis, Sheigra 9 

Davis, Sid 9 

Davis, Stephanie 9, 15 

Davis, Stephanie 35 

Davis, Stevana 35 

Davis, Steven 9, 64, 67 

111, 121 

Davis, Tabitha 94 

Davis, Tareika 35 

Davis, Veronique 35 

Davis, Walter 9 

Davis, ZaQuandlyn 9 

Davis Jr., Longino 9 

Dawkins, Percy 9, 102 

Dawson, Anthony 9 

Dear, Erica 35 

Dear, Tara 9 

Debose, Salena 35 

Dennis, Laquita 35 

DeShazer, Bobbie 50, 122 

Desonil, Rigueson 35, 143 

Diaby, Fatoumata 62 

Dickerson, Helen 35 

Dill, LaTasha 9,98 

Dill, Rosemary C 146, 148 

Dimiy, Jumani 35 

Dishman, Shaana 35, 78 

Dixon, Andrea 9 

Dixon, Chequitia 50 

Dixon, Erica 35 

Dixon, Margaret 1 46 

Dixon, Melody 35 

Dobbs, Chelsey 35 

Dockery, Marcus 35 

Dockery, Marquette 9 

Done, Ashley 50 

Done, Dr. Kenneth 110 

Dorrough, Corey 35, 93 

Dorsey, Estella 83 

Dorsey, Henry 50, 83 

Dorsey, Latorsha 9 

Dorsey, U.K 83 

Downer, Garrick 35 

Drake Jr., Larry 35 

Dugan, Ciara 35 

Duke, Shelia 122 

Dumas, Che' 9, 102 

Dumas, NaQuelle 9, 108 

Dumas, Rosa 35 

Duncan, Robert 9 

Dunn, Karkela 35 

Durham, Troy 35, 80, 1 10 

Dye, Demitri 36, 76 

Dye, Jamie 36 

Eagins, Anganette 36 

Eagins, Rudy 9 

Earl, Eddie 36 

Easterling, John 36 

Eatmon, Yalonda 9 

Edmond, Javon 36, 68 

Edmond, Lakisha 9 

Edmond, Nakia 36 

Edmond, Timothy 9 

Edwards, Cynthia 9 

Edwards, Dr. Shirley 50, 79 

Edwards, Kashira 36, 90 

Edwards, Kathy 50 

Edwards, Lueresha 36 

Edwards, Peter 36 

Ellington, Thomas 1 12 

Elliott, Fatina 50 

Elliott, Jacob 36 

Elliott, Lynda 50 

Ellis, Charlesha 36 

Ellis, Linda 122 



Elmore, Charles 36 

Eloby, Natazia 36 

Epps, Jametra 9 

Espy, Linda 81 

Etuka, Dorothy 36 

Evans, Anthony 9 

Evans, Kateria... 10, 29, 56, 120 

Everet, Ryan 36 

Ewing Sr., Kiomotti 36 

97, 104 
Ewings, Maketa 10 

Furdge, Shandricka D 10 

11, 111 


Faint, Lakehia 10 

Fair, April 10,84, 139 

Fair, Danielle 10 

Fair, Othelia 10 

Fane, Fredericka 10, 84 

Farmer, Kayla 36, 68, 74 

Farmer, Shawanda 10 

Farmer, Teresa 10 

Faulkner, Jaber 94 

Ferguson, Lula 50 

Fields, Brenda 36 

Fields, Kelvin 50 

Fields, Mary 36 

Finch, Gabriana 36, 110 

Fipps, Timothy 36 

Fipps, TyKeyah 36 

Fitzgerald, ShaQuita 10 

Fitzgerald, Wendell 10 

Fizer, Chiquita 36 

Flaggs, Africa 36 

Flanagan, Annie 36 

Fletcher, Jaleesa 36 

Flowers, Demetria 10 

Flowers, JaTedrick 10 

Fonzy, Helen 10 

Ford, Calvin 36,68,98 

Ford, Tracy 36 

Forney, Jules 77 

Foster, Darlester 50 

Foster, Keeyosis 10 

Foster, Richard 10 

Foster, Shemiko 10 

Fowle, Jimonica 36 

Fowler, Lakeisha 36 

Fowler, Lenardo 10 

Foxx, Jaraad 36 

Franklin, Dexture 36 

Franklin, Jamilia 10 

Franklin, Leuvervia 10 

Franklin, Ra'Shonda 10 

Frazier, Shanelle 50 

Freeman, Sharon 10 

Frierson, Verronica 10 

Frieson, J.B 36 

Friston, Teknesha 36, 73 

Frost, Michelle 10 

Fryer, Shalounda 36 

Furdge, Patricia 50 

Gaither, Jessica 10 

Gales, Leah 10 

Gallaway, Lakeisha 1 1 

Gallion, Watasha 36 

Galmore, Latonya 11 

Galmore, Regina 109 

Gamble, Ara 11 

Gamble, Yolanda 8 

Gant, Kevin 1 1 

Garcia, David 1 1, 124 

Garcia, Olivia 63 

Gardner, Auctavia 1 1 

Gardner, Barbara 89 

Gardner, Devonta 36 

Gardner, Jamie 36 

Gardner, Quintarius 36 

Gardner, Scottie 36 

Garmon, Adrian 36 

Garner, Montel 36 

Gary, Ramona 36 

Gaston, Ashley 82 

Gaston, Gabrielle 82 

Gates, Deogua 1 1 

Gates, Rotonia 1 1 

Gatewood, Arner 149 

Gatewood, William 149 

Gathings, Audrey 36 

Gathings, Therenisha 1 1 

Gee, Yolanda 36 

George, Angela 1 1 

Getter, La'Kira 1 1 

Gibbs, DeShundae 1 1 

Gibbs, Felicia 1 1 

Gibbs, Mary 11 

Gibbs, Skylar 82 

Gibson, Tekemmia 96 

Gilbert, Audrey 1 1 

Giles, Joe 50 

Giles, Ricky 1 1 

Giles, ShaQuana 1 1 

Gilliam, D'Kedreinare 36 

Gipson, Birley 123 

Gipson, Gloria 50 

Gipson, Niren 11 

Gipson Sr., Birley 50 

Gladney, ShaJanna 36 

Glasper, Latisha 36 

Glenn, Ruby 1 1 

Glover, Debbie 1 1 

Goliday, Shonda 1 1 

Gooden, Athsicia 50 

Gooden, Joseph 1 1 

Gordon, Emily 50 

Gordon, Gretta 1 1 

Gordon, Latasha 1 1 

Goss, Jasmine 149 

Grace, Derrick 1 1 

Grace, Glen 94 

Graham, Dominique 36 

Grainger, Kantrelle 36, 112 

Grainger, Michael 36 

Grant, Patricia 36 

Graves, Doresha 1 1 

Gray, Connell 36 

Gray, Mickell 36 

Gray, Yvette 17, 36 

Green, ChiQuita 1 1 

Green, Darenda 37 

Green, Quinton 37 

Green , LaTanthony 12 

Greene, Sharon 12 

Greenwood, Darius 37, 74 

Gregory, Avery 12 

Gregory, Brandon 12 

Griffin, Carlo 12 

Griffin, Cosslen 37 

Griffin, James 94 

Griffin, LaShasa 146 

Griffin, Vera 66, 121 

Griffin III, Willie 37 

Grim, Sherikee 12 

Grose, Crystal 63 

Grossley, Chrystal 12 

Guilty, Kim 12 


Hackett, Marion 12 

Hackler, Joletha 12, 87 

Haggan, Jonathan 37 

Haggan, Tylyn 37 

Hairston, Stefan 12, 76 

Halbert, Chauncy 37 

Halbert, Melinda 12 

Halbert, Patricia 12 

Hale, Ann 51 

Hale, Darice 12 

Hale, Jocelyn 12 

Hall, Alfred 12 

Hall, Arletha 12 

Hall, Dr. Kishki K 98,99 

Hall,Evette 37 

Hall, Starina 12,96 

Halliburton, Sharavian 37 

Hamilton, Margo 37 

Hamlet, Barbara 1 2 

Hamlett, Tamik 61 

Hammond, Jerlissa 37 

Hammond, Ryan 37 

Hampton, Mishog 37 

Hampton , Markecia 37 

Hampton Jr., Henry 12 

Hankins, Belinda 37 

Hannah, April 37 

Hannah, Frederick 37 

Hansen, Charline 12 

Hardy, Darrell 37 

Hargrow, Michael 37 

Harper, Nelson 12 

Harper, Shamera 12 

Harper, Sharita 37 

Harraway, Maurice 37 

Harrell, Connetta 12, 97 

Harrell, Crystal 37 

Harris, Alma 37 

Harris, Alma 51 

Harris, Carlton 12 

Harris, Delia 12 

Harris, Elizabeth 12 

Harris, Jamaul 37 

Harris, Jasmine 13 

Harris, Jasonya 13, 67, 111 

Harris, Kenny 37, 96, 110 

143, 144 

Harris, LaQwanda 13 

Harris, LeRyan 16, 37 

Harris, Rashard 143 

Harris, Tonya 13, 26 

Harris, Tyler 13 

Harris, Vernitra 13 

Harris, Wendy 51 

Harris, William 13 

Harris , Debra 37 

Harris , Deirdra 13 

Harris , Gail 13 

Harris , Rashad 13 

Harris , Shana 37 

Harris , Shanelle 13 

Harris II, Larry 51 

Harrison, Arielle 13 

Harrison, Lonnie 51 

Harry, Kenswa 13, 61, 126 

Hawkins, Code 63 

Hawkins, Dontrell 13 

Hawkins, Edward 13 

Hawkins, LaTasha 13 

Hawkins, Ryan 120 

Hawkins, Sherrika 13 

Hawkins, Vatasha 96 

Hawthorn, Toyetta 13 

Hayes, Kenji 13 

Hayes, La'Tray 13 

Hayes, Tendra 37 

Hayes, Valarie 37 

Hayes, Velma 13 

Hayes, Vincent 37 

Haynes, Henry 13, 62 


Haynes, Jazman 37 

Haynes, Oscar 51 

Haynes, Renaildi 13 

Haynes, Vincent 124 

Haywood, Ashley 37 

Haywood, Mary 5 1 

Haywood, Stanley 37 

Head, Sharonda 13, 75 

Heags, Debbie 13 

Hearst, Avielle..... Ill 

Hearst, Timothy 51 

Henderson, Alisha 37 

Henderson, Bryant 37 

Henderson, Crystal 37 

Henderson, Erica 37 

Henderson, Gary 37 

Henderson, James 13, 119 

Henderson, Regina 37 



Henderson. Shoquana 37 

Henderson, Temarlon 13, 98 

Henderson, Thomas 37 

Henderson, Valba 14 

Henley, Felicia 37 

Henley, Sarah 37, 76 

Henry. Elizabeth 14 

Henry. Jasmine 14 

Henson, Timesha 37 

Hervey. Linda 14 

Hester. Michael 37, 78 

Hester. Sharion 14 

Hickman. Carita 14 

Hicks. Dorothy 14 

Hicks Ramsey. Crystal 14 

Higgins. Ihamron 37 

Highera. Jordan 37 

Hill. LaQuiria 14.96 

Hill. Laqwesha 14 

Hill. Pearl 14 

Hill.Rena 37 

Hill. Tony 14 

Hills. Jessica 95. 110 

Hilson. Malcolm 37 

Hines. Kenneth 31 

Hinton. Erica 14 

Hobbs. Krystal 14 

Hodges. Herman 37 

Hodges. Kim 14 

Hogan. Willie 14 

Hohhs. Michael Ill 

Holland. Areal 37 

Holland. Sharhonda 37 

HoUey. Christie 37 

Hollins. Kimberly 51. 122 

Holly. Antonetta 14 

Holly.Beulah 14 

Hollv. Clarissa 14 

Holly.Norris 98 

Holly. Sandra 37 

Holly. Terrance 38 

Holly Jr, Norris 14 

Holmes. Brittney 121 

Holmes. Linda 14 

Holmes. Tina Orange 14 

Holmes. Wanda G 146 

Holt.LaKai 14 

Hooker. Teresea 51 

Hooper. Juricko 1 10 

Hopkins. Catricia 98 

Hopkins. Coledra 14 

Hopkins. LaKeitsha 14. 23 

Hopkins. Yuvonda 14 

Hopson. Kaneisha 38 

Hopson. Rajhae 1 4 

Horn. Sabrina 4 

Horn. Whitney 38 

Horsley. Bonita 15 

Horton. Freeman 146 

Horton. Georgio 38 

Horton. Markevius 38 

Horton. Sheneka 38 

Horton. Steven 15 

Hoskins. Irene 38 

Hoskins. JoAnn 51 

Hoskins. Lakesha 38 

Hoskins. Letreta 38, 122 

Hoskins, Renita 38 

Hoskins Hawkins, Timikia .... 1 5 

Housley. Ricky 15 

Houston. Deangelo 38, 106 

Houston, Jessica 15, 98, 126 

Houston, Krystal 38 

Houston, Marilyn 38 

Houston. Michael 146 

Houston, Stacy 15 

Houston, Toney 57 

Howard, Alreeka 38 

Howard, Bertina 15, 122 

Howard. Dr. Rosetta 147 

Howard, Ezra 51 

Howard, Jekerrie 38 

Howard, Luke 51 

Howard, Tarika 38 

Howard Jr. Michael 15 

Howse, Everett 15 

Howze. Shandraneka 38 

Hubbard. Artidra 15. 118 

Hubbard. Ashley 98 

Hubbard. Elnora 58, 82 

Hubbard. Joshua 15 

Hudson, Dr. Gregory 147 

Hudson. Jarico 38 

Hudson. Josephine 38 

Hudson. Kimberly 15 

Hudson. Patrick. .'...38. 114, 143 

Hughery, Tiffany 1 5 

Hughes, Demetry 15 

Hughes, Josephine 1 5 

Hughes. Reta 38 

Hughes. Shemar 38 

Humphrey. Cathy 38 

Humphrey. Chanssa 15 

Hunt. Corey 15 

Hunter. Adrian 38, 97 

Hurley. David 15 

Hutchens. Saundra 51 

Hutton. Kimberly 38 

Hvnes. Sharita 38 


Ikon. Quinterra 38 

Ingram. Gartha 38 

Isaac. Jerisa 38 

Every, Melvin 1 5 

Jackson, Bulisha 15 

Jackson, Chandrea 38 

Jackson, Christopher 38 

69, 110 

Jackson, Crystal 38 

Jackson. Danyal 15, 87 

Jackson, Eddie 38 

Jackson, Gabrel 15 

Jackson, Gennisea 38 

Jackson, Gloria 38 

Jackson, GreKumbia 38 

Jackson, Jamial 38 

Jackson, Janee' 38 

Jackson, Kanyae 1 5 

Jackson, Katherine 15 

95, 123 

Jackson, Keila 38 

Jackson, Kimberly 1 5 

Jackson, Kimberly 38 

Jackson, LaDarius 38 

Jackson, LaShondra 78 

Jackson, Leteice 15 

Jackson, Michael 15 

Jackson, Roxanne 122 

Jackson, Shonda 16 

Jackson, Shyuna 149 

Jackson, Sondra 16 

Jackson, Tamameshia 16 

Jackson, Umeka 16 

Jackson, Veronica 38 

Jackson, Yvette 64 

James, Cordaro 38 

James, Dianne 16 

James, Everett 38 

James, Jessie M 66 

James, Kimberly 16, 73, 127 

James, Martha 38, 124 

Jamison, Darian 16 

Jamison, Jeremy 38, 84 


Jarriett, Kierra 38 

Jarriett, Lakesha 38 

Jefferson, Antonio 38 

Jefferson, Gloria 16 

Jefferson, Rhonda 16, 111 

Jefferson, Shirley 16 

Jenkins, Cassie 38 

Jenkins, Darryl 38 

Jenkins, Elterica 38 

Johnson, Alicia 38 

Johnson, Andreamer 16 


Johnson, Andrew 38 

Johnson, Angenette 38 

Johnson, Antonio 16 

Johnson, Arsilisa 1 12 

Johnson, Brandon 16, 60, 82 

Johnson, Brittany 38 

Johnson, Calviyuna 64 

Johnson, Darnarius 39 

88, 104 

Johnson, David 39 

Johnson, Denise 16 

Johnson, Desedric 39 

Johnson, Deshundra 39 

Johnson, Etavious 51 

Johnson, Evelyn 39 

Johnson, Evie 124 

Johnson, Glen 39 

Johnson, Heratio 16 

Johnson, Ida 39 

Johnson, J'Darrius 39 

Johnson, James 39 

Johnson, Jessica 39 

Johnson, Joseph 16, 91 

Johnson, Keeven 39 

Johnson, Kenicha 39 

Johnson, Ketavious 1 6 

Johnson, Keyvin 39, 96, 110 

Johnson, Kimberly 39 

Johnson, Larry 16 

Johnson, Latrita 39 

Johnson, Lionel 16 

Johnson, Lisa 51 

Johnson, LuCretia 65 

Johnson, Mona 16 

Johnson, Riley 13, 57 

121, 127 

Johnson, Rodrell 39 

Johnson, Rosalyn 39 

Johnson, Samerio 39 

Johnson, Savion 58 

Johnson, Shyvuna 39 

138, 141 

Johnson, Stephen 16, 143 

Johnson, Temple 16 

Johnson, TeResa 16, 122 

Johnson, Terrell 39 

Johnson, Terry 39 

Johnson, Timothy 16, 90 

Johnson, Tirmardria 16 

Johnson, Tonya 16 

Johnson, Tracy 16 

Johnson, Travis 39 

Johnson, Tykeemia 17 

Johnson, Zyshia 39 

Johnson Jr., Paul 39 

Johnson Polite, Julia 51 

Joiner, Anthony 17 


Aldrika 39 

Amanda 39 

Angelina 39, 122 

Ann 89 

Antonique 17 

Benjamin 51 

Bianca 39,57,87 

Brittney 17 

Brittney 39 

Carissa 39, 112 

Cedric 17 

Chris 130 

Cordero 17 

Dantavis 39 

Darreayale 39 

David 51, 148 

De Andre 39 

Diane 17 

Donna 17 

Edward 39 

Fitzgerald 51 

Frankie 39 

Glenn 39 

Grady 39 

Jalisa 39,96 

Jeremy 39 

Jermaine 39, 86 

Johnny Ill 

Kandi 39 

Kimetrian 39 

LaPorcher 17 



Jones, LaSandra 17 

Jones, Latamella 1 7 

Jones, Latonia 39 

Jones, Lavern 17 

Jones, Londril 17 

Jones, Marilyn 39, 112 

Jones, Natasha 17 

Jones, Phyllis 17 

Jones, Ruthie 17 

Jones, Shakirous 1 34 

Jones, Shakyla 39, 138 

Jones, Shamous 17 

Jones, Shareka 39 

Jones, Shueres 39 

Jones, Terrina 39, 94 

Jones, Tonya 17 

Jones, Tyeshia 39 

Jones, Tylisha 60 

Jones, Vaneatra 39 

Jones, Verlissa 96 

Jones, Vonderick 17 

Jones, Wesley 39, 88, 120 

Jones, Wykeshia 39, 78 

Jordan, Mary 17 

Jordon, Chloe 39 

Jordon, Tammie 17 

Jossell, Steven 147 



Keaton, Enisha 17 

Keaton, Sharlette 17 

Keaton, Stella 52 

Kemp, Kalilah 52 

Kemp,Kia 103 

Kennedy, Mekell 39, 120 

Kibler, Benjamin 39 

Killebrew, Lashenna 39 

Killion, Rosie 40 

Kimber, Gregory 17, 59, 88 

Kimble, Ariel 40 

Kimble, Tavian 94 

Kimmons, Keith 17 

King, Danjuan 40 

King, Jeremy 76 

King, Keyshanda 17 

King, Mary L 66 

King, Sky 60 

Kintanjul, Josphine 40 

Kintanjul, Tabitha 40 

Kirk, Ashilsen 40 

Kirk, Barbara 17 

Kirkwood, Jason 40 

Knowlton, Larrell 40 

Knox, Cornelius 18 

Knox, Danterrius 18 

Knox, Robert 18 

Koite,Habib 71 

Lackey, Angela 18, 64, 82 

120, 149 

Lackey, Delores 52 

Lackey II, Emanuel.... 40, 84, 89 

Lafayette, Kourtney 40 

Lakes, Carlos 40 

Lakes, Krystal 18 

Lamb, Graham Darby 52 

Lampkin, Brandon 86 

Landfair, Odessa 1 8 

Landfair, Tyrell 58 

Lark, Andre 18 

Lark, Kerria 40 

Lathon, William 40 

Latimore, Benny 137 

Laws, Takeisha 18 

Layton, Jarrell 18 

Leavy, Terry 40 

Lee, Bonnie 40 

Lee, Eva 18 

Lee, Johnathan 121 

Lee, Kerry 18 

Lee, Mario 40 

Lee, McAnn 40 

Lee, Otisha 18, 127 

Lee,Shakela 18 

Lee, Wynesha 106 

Lee, Yneisha 40 

Leflore, Anfernee 40 

Leflore, Jakita 18 

Leflore, Jeronica 1 8 

Leflore, Tammy 40 

Leflore, Toni 40 

Lemon, Jaleesa 40 

Lennon, Laneisha 40 

Lester, Karly 40 

Lester, Lakesha 40 

Lewis, Bobby 40 

Lewis, Catherine 18 

Lewis, Chantana 18, 94 

Lewis, Debbie 18 

Lewis, Eric 18, 19,94 

Lewis, Jamie 40, 118, 139 

Lewis, Jemarques 61 

Lewis, Keira 18 

Lewis, Kiarra 40 

Lewis, Tanisha 40 

Lewis, Teresa 18 

Lewis, Tyronica 14, 18 

121, 127 

Lias, Curtis 40,80 

Lindsey, Michael 40 

Liner, Amarea 40 

Linson, Desmond 18 

Linzy, Whitney 60 

Lloyd, Yketha 40 

Lockett, Rose 52, 160 

Logan, Amber 18 

Logan, Benjamin 40 

Logan, Mildred 18 

Lomax, Sandra 40 

Lomax, ShaWaunda 40 

Love, Adam 40 

Love, Dominique 40 

Love, Kayarittis 18, 28 

Love, Roberta 40 

Love, Tavius 40 

Lucas, Barbara 52 

Lucas, Brandon 40 

Lucas, Bridgette 1 8 

Luckett, Edna 40 

Lynch, Takellia 19 

Lynom, Velma 52 


Mack, Rashedal 40 

Macon, Shavona 40 

Macon, Shavona 40 

Madden , Marquenetta 19 

Magsby, Ashley 19, 135 

Maiden, Brittany 19 

Malone, Malea 58 

Marbley, Eddie 40 

Marbley, Lisa 40, 122 

Marks, Brittney 19 

Marshall, Brianna 40 

Marshall, Johnnie 19 

Marshall, Sarita 88 

Marshall, Xavier 19 

Marsher, Lawardrick 19 

Martin, Earnest 19 

Martin, Kenny 19 

Martin, Kiara 19 

Martin, Mikeyla 19 

Martin, Shana 40 

Martin, Shanna 19 

Martin, ShunDrekia 40 

Martinez, Bradley 40 

Mason, Avery 11 1 

Mason, Bennetta 78 

Mason, James 40 

Mason, LaShundia 94 

Mason, Shaconia 19 

Mathews, Jeremy 40 

Matthews, Cecily 19 

Matthews, Joyce 40, 74, 123 

Matthews, Lontreal 40 

Mayo, John 96 

Mays, Cortina 19 

Mays, Ezell 19 

Mays, Marsheena 19, 62, 149 

Mays, Martina 19 

Mays, Patrick 40, 82 

Maysby, Eddie 94 

Maze, Johneller 19 

McBride, Laquita 41 

McClain, Cynthia 1 36 

McClain, Jemme 19 

McClain, TeQuandra 41 

McClellan, Maggie 19 

McClenton, Georgia 41 

McClinton, Von'Shaella 41 

McCool, Annie 52 

McCool,Carl 19 

McCool, Geramy 41 

McCoy, Amber 41 

McCray, Chevenemtt 41 

McCray, Ellen 19 

McCray, Gwendolyn 41 

McCray, Jasper 41 

McCray, Marchellio 58 

McCray, Mario 19, 24 

McCray, Richard 98 

McCray, Shantavia 41 

McCray, Ukilah 41 

McCullough, Neiko....41, 48, 76 

McDaniel, Ashley 19 

McDaniel, Deressa 19 

McDonald, Kimberly 20 

McDonald, Willis 41 

McDowell, Magnolia 20 

McGee, Dayana 20, 61, 79 

138, 140, 144 

McGee, Jennifer 110 

McGee, Latonya 20 

McGee, Yazekia 41 

McGloson, Jackie 41 

McGloson, Jessica 41 

McGregory , Andrianna 101 

McGregory, Jessica 41 

McGregory, Sherilyn 78, 134 

Mclver, Ayanna 20 

McKinley, Aleatra 41, 80 

McKinley, Shaviea 41 

McKinney, LeTeshia 20 

McKinney, Shabla 20 

McKnight, Jimmie 52 

McLean, Anthony 56 

McNeal, Amber 20 

McNeal, Anna 20 

McNeal, Deborah 147 

McNeal, Tredarreun 20, 63 

121, 124, 125, 127 

McNutt, Sabrina 41 

Medders, Paul 20, 59, 102 

Medley, Larry 20, 63 

Meeks, Demetria 20, 77, 128 

Meeks, Jacob 20 

Mell, Tequilla 41 

Melton, Elizabeth 112 

Melvin, Syrus 41 

Mennis, Amy 20 

Metcalf, Tonya 107 

Miles, Mica 41 

Miles, Wanda 41 

Miller, Amanda 20 

Miller, Angel 20,58 

Miller, Charles 20 

Miller, Charlina 41 

Miller, Diamond 20 

Miller, Elizabeth 20 

Miller, Evione 122 

Miller, Jamarius 41 

Miller, Joshalyn 41 

Miller, Kanika 41, 109 

Miller, Kelvin 20 

Miller, Lakedra 41, 113, 139 

Miller, Rosie 52 

Miller, Rosie 41 

Miller, Tahiti 20 



Miller. Yolanda D 52 

Miller. Zach 103 

Miller Jr.. Samuel ....41. 95. 118 

Miller Sr.. Samuel 52 

Mitchell. Angela 41 

Mitchell. Atravione 41 

Mitchell. Barbara 20 

Mitchell. Charnele 41 

Mitchell. Demetris 20 

Mitchell. Jaseudia 63 

Mitchell. Latonva 20 

Mitchell. Neal... 52, 101 

Mitchell. Shamal 20 

Mitchell, Tanesha 4 

Mofon. Mashirika 4 

Monroe. LaSonya 4 

Moore. April 4 

Moore. Arkehshey 1 19 

Moore. Cerno 4 

Moore. Courtney 20 

Moore. Evonne 2 

Moore. Irving 41. 78 

Moore. Katrina ..2 

Moore. Kendra 4 

Moore. LT 2 

Moore. LeMarcus 2 

Moore, Lisa 4 

Moore. Raymond 4 

Moore. Rums 4 

Moore. Sarah 2 

Moore. Sharon 2 

Moore. Sherrica 4 

Moore. Sonia 4 

Moore. Theodore 41, 84 

Moore. Whitney 21, 124 

Morgan. Christopher 2 

Morgan. Ciara 138. 139. 14 

Morgan II. Charlie 2 

Morris. Akenna 2 

Morris. Alan 2 

Morris. Chassey 2 

Morris. Melissa 2 

Morris. Shebronda 2 

Morris. Tanickia 2 

Morton. Yolanda 52 

Mosby. Betty 4 

Mosby. Christopher 21. 8 

94. 11 

Moses. Dorothy 52, 67 

Mosley. Janeica 4 

Moton. DeAngello 2 

Muhammad. Emir 2 

Mukes. Kimberly 2 

Murry. Angelica 2 

Murry. Desercie 4 

Murry.Kaleb 4 

Mum. Rickey 30 

Murry. Sherkisha 2 

Muslin. Shanyce 4 

Myers. Jamelidee 4 

Myles. Marilyn 4 


Nabors, Fredrick 41 

Nailove. Patrice 41 

Nash, Charles 42, 112, 143 

Nathan, Sasha 42 

Nawls, Raymond 42 

Neal, Annricka 21, 82 

Neal, Boston 42, 67 

Neal, Jasmine 42 

Neal Wells. Monica 21 

Neely, Dr. Adria 52, 123 

Nelson, Derrick 21 

Nelson, Leigh Ann 42 

Newsome. Desmond 42 

Newson, Tony 52 

Newton, Kelvin 104 

Nichols. Ariel 42 

Nicholson, Toccaro 42 

Noah. Johnny 52, 77 

Nobors, Fredrick 106 

Nolan. Erica 21 

Nolan. Gladys 21 

Nolan. Marykimisa 42 

Norman. Dalicia 21 

Norwood, Mary 42 

Nunley, Jesse 106 


O'Bryant, Dewanda 22 

O'Nea, Carmen 27, 98 

O'Neal. Latarius 42 

Office, Shelia 79 

Olive, Ikema 22 

Ollie. Darris 42 

Orange. Taboria 42 

Oriola. Tammy 42 

Outlaw, Maggie 22 

Owens. Jarvious 42 

Owens. Tomeka 64 

Owins, Khari 42 

Pace, Thalmus 42 

Paden, Orlando 52 

Paker, Jaszy 132 

Palmer, Amanda 22 

Pam Jr, Carl 42 

Pamplia, Gary 42 

Parker, Chassidi 22 

Parker, Jaszy 149 

Parker, Nolan 42 

Parker, Pamala 22 

Parker, Scotty 22 

Partee, Sammuel 120 

Patt, Tamara 22 

Patterson, April 42 

Patterson, NaTasha 48 

Patterson, Natasha 42 

Payne, Dexter 42 

Payne, Teresa 42 

Payno, Radavious 42 

Payno, Ratavious 42 

Pearson, Chandrika 22, 138 

139, 140 

Peeler, Crystal 42 

Pelts, Konesia 42 

Pendleton, Tara 22 

Perkins, Charles 61 

Perkins, Libby 42 

Perryman, Umeshia 98 

Peterson, Justin 42 

Peterson, Querida 42 

Petterson, Natasha 81 

Phillips, Kimberly 42 

Phillips, Lashia 22, 98 

Phillips, Shanice 22 

Phillips, Yulande 42 

Piage, Skyeesha 48 

Pickens, Debra 42 

Pickens, Vickie 22 

Pickett, Marion 22 

Pigne, Janis 22 

Pigram, Shenell 22 

Pittman, Demetric 62 

Pittman, Jasmine 42, 138 

Pittman, Jeremy 52, 76, 121 

Pittman, LaSandra 22 

Pittman, LaTonya 42 

Pittman, Priscilla 42, 122 

Pittman, Tony 22 

Pittman, Vickie 42 

Pittmon, Dominique 88 

Pitts, Carl 66 

Plummer, Fred Ill, 149 

Pointer, Andrelica 42, 79, 80 

Pointer, Kimeyatter 42 

Polite Jr, Eugene 53 

Pollard, Brittney 42 

Pollard, Jonathan 42 

Pollard, Patrice 42 

Pollard, Phillip 94 

Pollard, Shaniqua 22 

Pope, Corlissa 59 

Porter, Daveonn 22, 95 

104, 133 

Porter, Jessica 22 

Powell, ShaShuna 42 

Powell, Wiley 22 

Prater, Lonnie 64 

President, Marquita 42 

Presley, Dr. Vivian M.. 145, 148 

Presley, Leandrew 53 

Presley, Shirley 53 

Pressgrove, Victoria 22 

Price, Arica 22 

Price, Casslisa 95 

Price, Deshundra 22 

Price, Lillie 53 

Price, Xavier....42, 58, 100, 106 

Pride, Erica 42 

Primer, Charkita 42 

Profit, Dantavius 42 

Profit, Sheree 78 

Pruitt, Cassandra 22 

Pruitt, Marie 22 

Prymer, A D 23 

Pryor, Cavotta 23 

Pryor, Charlotte 42, 123 

Pryor, Joyce 53 

Pryor, Rea'Shaun 42 

Pryor, Shar'Ron 42 

Pugh, Frankie 23 

Pugh, Jane 23 

Pugh, Mallory 23 

Pugh, Neichole 42 

Pullen, Andy 53 


Quails, Willie 42 

Quinn, Cathy 23 

Quinn, Elizabeth 42 


Ragland, April 23 

Ragland, Davelynn 23 

Ragsdale, Avery 43 

Ramiz, Racine 23 

Ramsey, Nelghotti 23 

Randle, Dominique 23 

Rankin, Anshunett 62, 131 

Ransom, Wanda 122 

Ransome, Tamicko 53 

Ranson, Angela 43 

Ranson, Shondrella 43 

Ranson, Wanda 23, 79 

Ratcliff, Darius 43, 98 

RatclifF, Travis 64 

Ratliff, Alexis 43 

Ray, Barbara 23, 122 

Ray, Jamylah 23 

Ray, Martavius 43 

Ray, Mary 23, 122 

Ray, Patrick 23 

Redd, Dorothy 43, 105 

Redd, Shrunda 43 

Reddick, Quala 23 

Reddix, Kennitra 124 

Reed,Abril 23 

Reed, Braxton 43 

Reed, Denzell 43 

Reed, Gelkanah 53 

Reed, Israel 23 

Reed, Kenneth 23 

Reed, Sheron 43 



Reed, Wanda 53,66, 121 

Reed Clark, Daphane 23 

Regular, Stacy 43, 143, 144 

Reid, Selina 53 

Reliford, Aljzaherio 43 

Reynolds, Angela 53, 95 

Reynolds, Keith 23, 149 

Rich, Deloris 23, 93 

Richard, Delores 118, 147 

Richard, Eldrin 43 

Richardson, Danita 43 

Richardson, Lavita 23 

Richardson, Martha 23 

Richardson, Tomminika 23 

Riley, Sharon 43 

Riley, Wayne 43 

Roach, Vivian 43 

Roberts, Tyronda 23 

Robey, Kenderrick 43 

Robinson, Andrew 43 

Robinson, Angela 24 

Robinson, Delila 43 

Robinson, Diedra 24 

Robinson, Doranesha 43 

Robinson, Faraji 43, 79 

Robinson, Jaquitta 43 

Robinson, Jaswayla 43, 103 

Robinson, Krystal 43 

Robinson, Martin 65 

Robinson, Nicole 43 

Robinson, Patricia 43 

Robinson, Patrick 24 

Robinson, Ramon 24 

Robinson, Sentoriuis 106 

Rockett, Joharrison 53 

Rockett, Robert 53 

Rockmore, Natasha 43 

Rodgers, Christy 43 

Rodriguez, Emily 43 

Roebuck, Evangela 68 

Roebuck, Tamiko 24 

Rogers, Sam 24 

Rosebar, Latonya 43 

Rosebud, Curtis 69 

Rosebud, Nadika 24 

Rosebud, Reshanta 24 

Rosebur, Augusta 43 

Rosebur, Richard 24 

Ross, Brittany 24 

Ross, Brittany 24 

Ross, Letha 24 

Rowe, Jackevious 24 

Roy, Christopher 43 

Roy, Fritzerald 43 

Roy, Vanquisha 43 

Royster, Kamaria 43 

Rucker, Brenda 24 

Rucker, Brittany 43 

Rucker, Raven 24 

Ruebuck, Evangela 43 

Rush, Bobbie 137, 137 

Rushing, Briana 97 

Rushing, Briana 43, 105 

Russell, Darius 43 

Saddler, Sandra 24 

Saffold, Leonard 43 

Saffold, TyRhonda 43 

Samuel, Damien 43 

Sanders, Britney 43 

Sanders, Eugene 43 

Sanders, Sheila 53, 119 

Sanford, Renee' 53, 112 

Sanford, Tabitha 43 

Sawyer, Annyce 43 

Sayles, Shunta 43 

Scott, Aaron 24 

Scott, Alyssa 43, 94 

Scott, Chastity 43 

Scott, Cynthia 43, 75, 123 

Scott, Edwin 43 

Scott, Eric 24 

Scott, Isiah 43 

Scott, Jurlicia 24 

Scott, Kierre 43 

Scott, Tev'Rna 24 

Scruggs, Joseph 124 

Scruggs III, Stanley 24 

Sculark, Brendalyn 53, 1 19 

Seals, Ebony 43 

Seamster, Marquez 24 

Seard, Ikkia 24 

Seaton, Shirley 44, 1 1 1 

Seely, April 24 

Seldon, Cameron 44 

Self, Josephine 24 

Self, Ryan 44,77, 110 

Sellers, Octavia 44 

Serio, Gia 44 

Shaffer, Merri 44 

Shanks, Lua 24 

Shanks, Randy 44 

Shaw, April 24, 119 

Shaw, Henry 25, 1 1 1 

Shegog, Jasmine 25 

Shelton, Marilyn 53 

Shelton Clark, Anne 146 

Sherrod, Sherry 1 1 1 

Shields, Cortavious 25 

Shields, Shunequa 25 

Shivers, Lakisha 25 

Shook, John 84 

Short, Carlisa 25 

Short, Demarius 44 

Shuquanna, Wilkins 25 

Siggers, Tyangela 25 

Silket, Feryn 25,57, 118 

124, 126 

Simmons, Ashley 25 

Simmons, Audric 44 

Simmons, Helen 25 

Simmons, Kashiwa 44, 95 

Simmons, Lauren 25 

Simmons, Otishia 25 

Simmons, Tanisha 25 

Simon, Patrick 44 

Simpson, Christina 25 

Simpson, Elaine 25 

Sims, Jacqueline 25, 101 

Sims, Jerrica 44 

Sims, Timothy 25 

Sing, Tara 123 

Singleton, Brittney 44 

Skiffer, Kasey 112 

Skinner, Geronda 25, 119 

Skinner, Tanga 25 

Skipper, Robert 53 

Smiley, LaToya 25 

Smith, Alice 105 

Smith, Andrea 7, 25 

Smith, Bobbie 44 

Smith, Chelsey 21, 25 

Smith, Courtney 44 

Smith, Curtin 44 

Smith, Didriquiz 44 

Smith, Dontarius 44 

Smith, Ebony 44 

Smith, Eddie 53 

Smith, Hason 44, 89, 94, 1 1 1 

Smith, Itetra 25 

Smith, Jacquelyn 53 

Smith, James 25 

Smith, Jennifer 44 

Smith, Jeremy 96 

Smith, Jimmy 44 

Smith, John 25, 128 

Smith, Kenaua 25 

Smith, Kimberly 44 

Smith, Kimberly 26 

Smith, Kristy 44 

Smith, Lamareo 44 

Smith, Lawanicka 26 

Smith, Lonosha 44 

Smith, Otis 44 

Smith, Reco 135 

Smith, Royneshia 44 

Smith, Sallie 26 

Smith, Sharika 44 

Smith, Shequilla 44 

Smith, Sherrie 44 

Smith, Sierra 26 

Smith, Stepheney 26 

Smith, Tonya 26 

Sneed, Dimitrius 26, 57, 111 

120, 125, 128 

Soliz, Daniel 26 

Soliz, Louis 44 

Sonley, Leroy 54 

Spearman, Amber 44 

Stampley, Grameka 44 

Standifer, Zakiya 44 

Stanford, Yvonne M....147, 160 

Stanton, Chiquita 44 

Stapleton, Jamie 26 

Stapleton, Niressa 1 10 

Stapleton, ShaDonna 26 

Starks, Casey 26 

Starks, Marilyn 147 

Starks, Rekeja 44 

Starks, Samuel 44 

Steed, Lindsay 44 

Steele, Louise 44 

Steele, Shakeira 9, 26 

Stevens , Grady 26, 111 

Stevenson, Andrae 44 

Stevenson, Marquis 44 

Stewart, Alshune 44 

Stewart, Angela 123 

Stewart, Jakoris 26 

Stewart, Jerome 44 

Stewart, Josh 137 

Stewart , Natasha 26 

Stewart Brown, Angela 44 

Stokes, Kenotrial 44 

Stokes, Micheal 26 

Stokes, Sha'Coya 26 

Stokes, Willie 26 

Stone, Mia 44 

Story, Shanta 44 

Stowers, Sharron 26 

Stoxstill, Veronica 26 

Streeter, Darrius 26 

Strickland, Devunte 44 

Strickland, Kea 26 

Strickland, Roger 44 

Strickland, Timothy 44 

Striplin, Henry 54 

Strong, Jane 26 

Strong, Rodney 26 

Strong, Veronica 44 

Sturdivant, Caleb 44, 93 

Sturdivant, Charles 44 

Sturdivant, Crystal 26 

Suggs, Angela 44 

Suggs, Carolyn 102 

Suggs, Kimberly 82, 135 

Suggs, Melissa 26 

Suggs, Ruby 44 

Sumner, Ruthie 45 

Survillion, Shanequa 45 

Survillion, Ty'Shauna 45 

Sutton, Kenthandieanecesa....26 

Sutton, Rodriques 45 

Sykes, Desmond 45 

Sykes, LaTrice 45, 97, 139 


Talley, Jacqueline 45 

Tanner, Christopher 27, 61 

Tanner, Tanga 45 

Tate, DeShundra 27 

Taylor, Bianca 45 

Taylor, Carolyn 27 

Taylor, David 60 

Taylor, Jami 59 

Taylor, Jeremy 48, 78, 104 

Taylor, Kelvin 27 

Taylor, Maggie 27 

Taylor, Marcus 45 

Taylor, Marissa 27 

Taylor, Maxine 45 

Taylor, Micah 27 

Taylor, Monchelle 27 

Taylor, Rachel 27, 1 1 1 

Taylor, Reggie 45 



Taylor. Rhonda 45 

Taylor. Roshalla 45 

Tavlor, SamDeeshia...l4, 27, 63 

78, 121 

Taylor, Tasha 27 

Taylor, Theresa 54 

Taylor, Vanessa 45 

Tell, Karshida 45 

Tellis. A'Destinique 45 

Tellis. Jeremy 45 

Temple, Debra 136 

Tenner. Donnie 45, 68 

Tenner, Marquita S 27 

Tenner. Sandra 45 

Terrell. Tambrishea 45, 87 

Terrell. Tichina 45 

Tern. Laneshia 45 

Terry, Tonya 122 

Thigpen. Sheena 45 

Thigpen. Sonja 45 

Thigpen, Tiffany 45 

Thomas. Albert 27 

Thomas. Allean ..54 

Thomas. Barbara 27 

Thomas. Chaundra 60 

Thomas. Cordell 45 

Thomas. Dametrica 45 

Thomas. De'Marquis 45 

Thomas. Debra 74 

Thomas. Delbra 27 

Thomas. Derrick 45 

Thomas. Donald 27 

Thomas. Eddie 45 

Thomas. Erica 27 

Thomas. Felecia 27 

Thomas. Fred 45 

Thomas. Genesis 45 

Thomas. Jasmine 45 

Thomas. Jesse 27 

Thomas. Jill 45 

Thomas. Jodelle 45 

Thomas. Jonathan 27 

Thomas. Justin 98 

Thomas. Justin 27 

Thomas. Keisha L 27 

Thomas. Kendra 27 

Thomas. Laroza 89 

Thomas. LaTika 45 

Thomas. LaTrell 45 

Thomas. Lisa 45, 122 

Thomas. Lorenzo 1 12 

Thomas. Lula 45, 100 

Thomas. Markus 27 

Thomas, Mary 27 

Thomas. Mildred 27 

Thomas, Perrynlhea 27 

Thomas, Queusha 28 

Thomas, Raymond 45 

Thomas. Shava 28 

Thomas. Shelia 45 

Thomas, Tanya 28 

Thomas. Valencia 45 

Thompson. Alex. ...45, 113, 143 

Thompson, Brandi 45 

Thompson, Carlos 28 

Thompson, Darren 45 

Thompson. Darryl 45 

Thompson, Demetrice 45 

Thompson, Jawdavius 45 

Thompson, Olivia 45 

Thornton, Avious 28 

Thurmon, Dawn 45 

Tillis, Kayla 28, 138 

Tillman, Au'Kiona 28 

Todd, Devon 45 

Tolliver, Demarius 28 

Toney, Gekyra 45 

Toole, Leatrice 28 

Towers, Kelvin 54, 148, 149 

Townes, Ariel 28 

Townes, Brittnie 45 

Townsend, Alisia 45 

Tribble, Angela 45 

Triblett, Veronica 28, 76 

Trillett, Beatrice 46 

Trimm. Sarah 54 

Tripplett. Vonchelle 46 

Trotter, Shoneci 46 

Tucker, April 28 

Tucker. Brandon 28 

Tucker, Javaris 46, 88 

Tugle, Johnathan 46, 112 

Tumien, Travis 28 

Turnage, Linette 89 

Turner, Cordell 46 

Turner, Ebony 28, 78 

Turner, Kimberly 46 

Turner, Lucreshia 28 

Turner, Quarletta 46 

Turner. Robert 5, 28 

Turner, Susan 46 

Turner, Travis 1 19 

Tutson, Glenda 28 

Tutson, Tierra 28 

Twilley, Gloria 28 

Tyler. Kelaiah 96, 136, 148 

Tyler. Latarsha 46 

Tyler, Shannon 46, 1 10 



Vardaman, Mercedes 46 


Vardaman, Satori 46 

Vaughn, Cortavious 28 

143, 144 

Vaughn, Gwen 54 

Vaughn, Sharhonda 46, 138 

139, 141 

Vaughn, Shirley 46 

Versell, Kimberly 28 

Vick, Johnnie 54 

Vinson, Jalisa 28 

Wade, Antonio 97 

Wade, Davarius 28 

Walk, Chris 28 

Walker, Charlene 46 

Walker, Cordarius 46 

Walker, Gordarious 46 

Walker, Juwan 46, 88 

Walker, KApril 46 

Walker, Kenisha 123 

Walker, Lucinda 46 

Walker, Passion 28 

Walker, Reginald 22 

Walker, Shakeria 46 

Walker, Shiniqua 46 

Walker, Shirquita 46 

Walker, Temecca 28 

Walker, Wylida 29 

Walker, Zantrell 29 

Wallace, Darius 29 

Walls, Davon 29 

Walls, Delandria 46 

Walls, Kwami 29 

Walters, Sabrina 29 

Walton, Carolyn 46 

Walton, Kevin 46 

Walton, Nicoya 46 

Ward, Shelia 29 

Ward, Tashiko 29 

Ware, Kenyatta 29 

Washington, Angelique 29 

Washington, Anthony 46 

Washington, Candace 29 

Washington, Charice 46 

Washington, Cordrico 46 

Washington, Ervin 46 

Washington, Jared 149 

Washington, Jasmine 29 

Washington, Jimmie 54 

Washington, Johnetta 46 

Washington, Patricia 29 

Washington, Rasheeda 46 

Washington, Takisha 29 

Washington, Tamara 54 

Washington, Tierra 46 

Watara, RaLamata 46 

Waters, Demonta 12, 124 

Waters, Quortisha 46 

113, 125 

Watkins, Samantha 29 

Watkins, Tasha 29 

Watson, Carol 29 

Watson, Danicholus 6, 98 

Watson, Danyetra 46, 88 

Watson, DeAire's 46 

Weathers, Chenet 78 

Weathersby, Pattrice 54 

Weatherspoon, Ashley 29 

Weatherspoon, Jacqueline 29 

Webb, James 29 

Weebly, Himes 29 

Weeks, Devin 29 

Weeks, Levi 29 

Weeks, Sereka 59 

Welch, Tevin 46 

Welch, Veronica 46 

Wells, Elias 46,77, 110, 118 

Wells, Monica 29, 109 

Wells, Ray 29 

Wells, Sharon 46 

Wesley, Jarvis 46 

Wesley, Moritsha 46 

Wesley, Raman 29, 114 

115, 143 

Wesley, Ramon 73 

West, Debra 136 

Westbrooks, Jo Ann 29 

Western, Crystal 46 

Westley, Annette 46 

Westley, Wykeitha 30 

Westmoreland, Olivia 46 

Whales, Bonita 30 

White, Cambrielle 30 

White, Larry 46 

White, Markeshia 46 

White, Travis 46 

White, Tyronda 62 

Whitehead, Whitney 82 

Whitfield, Krystal ....30, 89, 1 1 1 

Whithead, Whitney 25 

Whitley, Caitlin 46 

Whitley, Sharlet 46 

Wide, Cameron 46 

Wilborn, Roderick 46 

Wilborn, Viola 30 

Wilcox, Rosalind 54 

Wilder, Tanisha 30 

Wilder, Tikeitheia 46 

Wildon, D'Voryeauz 100 

Wiley, Ashley 47 

Wiley, Jimmy 66 

Wiley, Jimmy 66 

Wiley, Kevin 59 

Wilkins, Alexandria 30 

Wilkins, Amber 47 

Wilkins, Benekia 47 

Wilkins, Catrina 30 

Wilkins, Jessica 30 

Wilkins, Lashandra 47 

Wilks, Cameron 30 

Willams, Whitley Ill 

Williams, Adam 30 

Williams, Adell 47 

Williams, Alexandria 30, 138 

Williams, Amanda 47 

Williams, Amy 30 

Williams, Ashley 47 

Williams, Ashley 47 

Williams, Brandy 30 

Williams, Celwin 47 

Williams, Ciera 30, 96 

Williams, Cynthia 54 

Williams, Demetria 47 

Williams, Demetrius 47 

Williams, Desondra 47 

Williams, Dextrick 30 

Williams, Direjohn 47 

Williams, Ebonie 47 

Williams, Freddie 47 

Williams, Jasmine 30 

Index ^^159i 

Williams, Joshua 89 

Williams, KaJuana 30 

Williams, Karmeshia 30 

Williams, Katrina 47 

Williams, La'Darrien 47 

Williams, LaTonya 30 

Williams, Laura 47 

Williams, Linda 30 

Williams, Marvin 30 

Williams, Roderick 30 

Williams, Ronique 47 

Williams, Scott 47 

Williams, Shamon 47 

Williams, Shelia 47 

Williams, Sheree 47 

Williams, Shirley 54 

Williams, Staldrick 82 

Williams, Tameka 47 

Williams, Terrica 47 

Williams, Tomeka 47 

Williams, Tyesha 30 

Williams, Valerie 30 

Williams, Vivian 54 

Williams, Vorris 30 

Williams, Whitley 30, 128 

Williams, Wynesha 47 

Williams, Yasmine 47, 88 

97, 113 

Williams, Yesmine 86 

Willingham, Angelic 104 

Willis, Gwendolyn 31 

Willis, Octavius 47 

Willis, Yiesha 47 

Wills, Uniqua 47 

Wilson, Cassandra 54, 124 

Wilson, D'Varyeaux 47 

Wilson, Desere' 47 

Wilson, Dorothy 31 

Wilson, George 31, 75 

Wilson, Jessica 31, 111, 139 

Wilson, LaShena 31 

Wilson, Lashun 47 

Wilson, LaShunda 68, 78 

Wilson, LaSonya 31, 123 

Wilson, Moniquka 47 

Wilson, Ruby 31 

Wilson, Sharon 64 

Wilson, Tanisha 31 

Wilson, Waythian 47 

Windless, Angel 124 

Winter, William 124 

Winters, Demonta 31 

Winters, William 31, 98 

Wise, Jonathan 47 

Wise, Labronski 47 

Wolfe, Cynthia 47 

Wolfe, Darrion 47 

Wolfe, Willie 47 

Wolfe , Latasha A 47 

Wolfe Taylor, Tammie 47 

Womble, Chiquita 31 

Woods, Latisha 47 

Woods, Teresa 47, 84 

Woods, Tyrone 47 

Word, Charneshia 47 

Word, JaVohnta 47 

Wortham, Termarkius 47 

Wrenn, Debra 31 

Wright, Bridgett 47 

Wright, Chrystal 31,73 

Wright, Jermisha 31 

Wright, Johnny 47 

Wright, Michelle 31, 111 

Wright, Quenetha 47 

Wright, Ryan 31, 128 

Wright, Tiffany 31 

Wright, Vernice 31, 123 

Wyatt, Eddie 47 

Wyatt, Jennine 47 


Yarbrough, Demarcus 47 

Yates, Samantha 47 

Young, Demon 31 

Young, Dianna 31 

Young, Edell 48 

Young, Justin 31 

Young, Leonard 48 

Young, Taneshia 54 

Youngblood, Amick 54 

KUDOS continued 

"Ji %«J c lOe J&l c n\y^>t Travel" 

eJlluvnni and P&At ^mployee^ 



Rose Lockett Yvonne Stanford 

The Historically Black Colleges and 
Universities (HBCU) Library Alliance 
Selection Committee awarded 
Leadership Institute Scholarships to 
Yvonne Stanford, Director of Library 
Services and Rose Lockett, Liaison 
Librarian. The scholarships combined 
total worth is $30,000 and entitles 
participants to a nine-month, intense 
training and leadership development 

The Leadership Institute is a 
nine-month intense training and 
development opportunity designed to 
provide in-depth educational leadership 
programming using technology to form 
networks and information-sharing 
among participants. The curriculum 
includes dynamic topics such as 
components of successful leadership, 
relationship management, measuring 
the effectiveness and impact of library 
services, and aligning performance with 

Twenty participants from thirteen 
institutions were awarded the 
Leadership Institute scholarship and 
accepted into the program. 

Gloria Stewart Austin 

Freddie Eddie Baker 

Leroy Brooks 

Delores Hornburger Brown 

Rayford Carter 

Carol Adams Cotton 

Alice Franklin 

Mary Harris Golden 

Rudolphia Rodgers Hall 

James Edward Harrell 

Earnestine Hill 

Adrian Johnson 

Pinkie Mumford Kye 

Benjamin "Baby Mac" McLaurin 

Willie Clay Roberts 

Donald B. Robinson 

Sherri Reddick Robinson 

Henry Shaw Jr. 

Lenell Thomas Milton-Smith 

Eldridge Stanford 

Dorothy Lucille Taylor Walker 

Patrick Weathersby 

Dr. Larry L. Day-former administrator/State Board 

for Comm. College Asst. Director 

Jacqueline Sullivan Harris-CAHS 


Robert "Bob" Holloway-former football coach 

Larry D. Jackson-former administrator 

Albert Kemp-former maintenance staff 

Willie James "Shaggy Dog" Kinard-former 

maintenance staff, campus security 

Sam Henry Lathan-former Continuing Ed. Dept. 


Rowena Shannon-former cafeteria staff 

Willette Washington-former math instructor 

Amick Orlando Youngblood-former computer 

concepts instructor 

cite ^ar 3£eep* ^Qitincf